Line 9: “Not Worth the Risk” – read, endorse and send out this report

6 Mar

I think friday is the deadline….

Toronto West End Against Line 9 and Rising Tide Toronto put together a comprehensive report of information from the National Energy Board (NEB) hearings around the Line 9* proposal.

We are asking people to email the report to their councillors, MPPs and MPs ASAP (this is an on-going campaign). Contact links below or message us and we will connect you.

Even better, would be to take a friend or two and deliver a hard copy in person. Take a photo and post on Facebook, Twitter, you name it, and hashtag #noline9 and alert your local press that you are delivering it to them. Your representatives are obligated to meet with their constituents but may put off your meeting. It’s helpful to post about that too and hashtag their name or riding so they know we’re paying attention.

We expect the NEB decision on the Line 9 project any day so it is a time sensitive matter.

The main goal is to get an environmental assessment from the Provincial Government, but here are some talking points to consider:

1. The Not worth the Risk Report:

a. Tabling the report at Queen’s Park

b. Sending out to his/her constituents via email or newsletter

c. Endorsing the Report

2. Calling for a Full Environmental Assessment

3. Calling for a Moratorium on Bitumen and Shale Gas Fossil Fuels in Ontario

4. 18 Indigenous communities were not properly consulted by Enbridge or the Federal government on this project.** What is the Provincial government doing to make this conversation happen

5. Support green energy alternatives and what is their plan to implement these

To raise money to pay for the printing, we have started a Go Fund Me here:
(we’re all volunteers, so if you are able, any amount helps!)

Also, if you would like a printed report (or 20!).. please just let us know. We are requesting $3 per report that you want to cover the cost of the printing and postage, but if you cannot pay, just let us know and we’ll try to get you some regardless.

Thanks very much!

The Report:

Federal: Find MPs and ward names by postal code:

Provincial: Find MPP by ward name:

Municipal for TO: Find Toronto Councillors by ward or map:



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