Direct from Cuba! Gerardo Alfonso with special guest Sandra Ramirez North American Specialist Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples

13 Mar

******Please forward widely*****
The Hamilton Friendship Association with Cuba and Matapa Proudly Present:

Tuesday April 1 6:30pm

Bryan Prince Bookseller, 1060 King St W
$10- PWYC- No one turned away!

The Hamilton Friendship Association with Cuba and Matapa Music and Arts Organization and are pleased to announce the only Hamilton stop on a nation-wide tour of famed trova musician Gerardo Alfonso. He will be accompanied by our friend Sandra Ramirez of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP). Gerardo will perform his well known and loved Neuva Trova songs and Sandra will discuss the October 2014 World Conference in Solidarity with Cuba, the 3rd of its kind.

About Gerardo
Gerardo Alfonso was born in Havana in 1958. He began as a trova musician under the influence of the Cuban form of nueva canción (new song). He has shared the stage with Maria Bethania, Pablo Milanes, Silvio Rodriguez, Carlos Verela, Frank Delgado and many others.

His lyrics have assured him a place in the hearts of all Cubans, just as his fusion work has won him high marks among specialized critics. His songs incorporate elements of Latin American music —basically Brazilian and Caribbean— but he has also understood how to take advantage of his urban and popular roots in a range of mixtures that span from rock and reggae to rap and guaguanco, though never abandoning his trova essence.

Alfonso explores the depths of themes such as love, humanity, society and life. His songs have been performed by Grupo Moncada, Santiago Feliu and Ireno Garcia, among other Cuban musical figures and groups.

About ICAP
ICAP is the HFAC’s sister organization in Cuba. Its work is focused on promoting people to people exchange and friendship between Cubans and peoples around the world. It strives to act as a force for peace, mutual exchange and true internationalism in the world.

The 3rd World Conference in Solidarity with Cuba
October 27-31, 2014
-International Convention Center, Havana-

The conference, organized by the Cuba Solidarity Movement, follows on from the two previous editions, and represents international support for the validity of the emblematic model of Cuban social justice and its viability as an alternative for “the better world,” for which the peoples are fighting.

Guided by the anti-imperialist, visionary and humanist thinking of José Martí and Fidel, the eternal leaders and exponents of Cuban traditions, this conference demonstrates Cuba’s internationalist vocation and solidarity with all noble causes for the benefit of the peoples and their enjoyment of fundamental human rights: freedom, peace and social justice.

From this Afro-Asian, Latin American and Caribbean island, in the 54th year of the Revolution, ICAP invites all forces, movements, groups, and persons of goodwill, to emphasize all that unites us, while respecting differences which, at the end of the day, constitute the richness of diversity.

Join us for this intimate evening of socio-political entertainment and discussion. There is limited seating so arrive early! Need a ride? Want to get involved? Contact us at


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