Report on March Against Police Brutality

16 Mar

Today on March 15th people in Kitchener gathered at city hall to take a stand against police brutality and against the militarization of the police through the implementation of the Provincial Anti-Violence Strategy (PAVIS) counterinsurgency model. The “2nd Peoples Report on Policing”, put together by interviewing people directly affected by PAVIS and who experience this new model of “community policing”, was also released on this day.

The event began with speakers and then people took to the street blocking traffic, taking an intersection, and chanting slogans against police brutality and criminalization.

The event ended at Division One which was on lock-down with police refusing to come out and take the Peoples Report. This was later rectified by protestors surrounding a cruiser doing survallence and demanding that they take the report and give it to the active staff seargent.

People then spoke about the brutalization they felt at the hands of the police. One protestor spoke about how the police didn’t care about the  disappearance of her friend and how they waited nine days before even putting her on the missing case, followed by slacking off ever since.

The spirit of the demonstration was one of resistance as speakers and attendees made it quite clear that they had no interest in reforming a system that is desined to destroy the lives of marginalized people and is built to enforce and maintain colonialism, genocide, systemic racism, and class oppression.

Those in attendance were not there to demand that police take sensitivity training classes before they kicked the shit out of you, nor were they there to try to come to some understanding with those whose boots have been on their neck for so many years, but rather to affirm their basic rights that they have by virtue of being human and defend them.


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