Irish Republican Army statement on attack of PSNI scum

19 Mar

On Friday March 14 2014 at 10.30pm an Active Service Unit of the Irish Republican Army embarked on an operation against British state forces, namely a PSNI patrol. This attack involved the I.R.A striking a PSNI Land Rover as it passed the City Cemetery on Belfast’s Falls Road.

The I.R.A had a second ASU with automatic weapons close by with the intention of engaging personnel who exited vehicles. The device used in the offensive action was an Explosively Formed Penetrator (EFP), detonated via command wire.

These devices form a major part of the I.R.A’s already substantial weapons inventory. Our development of this type of device is further evidence of the increasing expertise and ingenuity of our Engineering Department. The precision of the device is evidenced by the fact that it struck its intended target.

The PSNI are the vangaurd of British occupation in Ireland. They are heavily armed protectors of the state enforcing British law in Ireland. They engage in the harassment of Irish Citizens on a daily basis, arrest republicans, and facilitate the work of MI5 with the full knowledge and backing of the British Government. For These reasons the PSNI are legitimate targets for the I.R.A.

The I.R.A has demonstrated its ability to excecute PSNI personnel in the past and will continue to do so in the future.



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