Political Violence, who are the real terrorists?

22 Mar

Yesterday after doing two really amazing radio shows and playing with my new kitten I decided to check my blog. Now because of being sick
I havent written anything new for a while, but still post stuff from time to time. I took my meds from my doc because i already puked twice in
the studio and needed to sleep. On the referrals page I saw something really strange here it is: Today Yesterday Summaries Referrer Views trackingterrorism.org.ezproxy1.apus.edu/chatter-control?ip_login_no_cache=f796b950ef2d2240a901de1f3a7b99cf
1 Total views referred by links to your blog 1. I click on the refferal to see what the story was and was told could not access this without a password. I went and checked other groups on the main page with similar results. I sent some msgs out o people to find out what the story
was only to have a wave of tiredness hit me and to find out that my new kitten mistook my bed for a washroom. I tried to sleep but then decided that i would do some research on who these guys are.Some comrades on FB have confirmed my research here is the post “This is a link to apus. American public university. System it has a secondary branch called American military university or amu for short.
If it has a link to you blog or something it means they are reading it in course work.”

Why is my blog being used in course work on political violence and counter terrorism? Yes have a lengthy arrest record but only one conviction, I never bombed anyone and the only violence I have ever used at protests is in response to police violence, and have been acquitted every time. I decided to look up other groups I know
that are political like the 32’s etc. and they are on it despite the fact that they are not terrorist and are a legitimate political organization. Like my blog you need a password to check. Other subjects included environmentalism indigenous rights etc.

Not being able to sleep i called an ex of mine who use to work for the OIPRD but quit cause they are fucks. Shes like this better be important julian, im like why is my blog being used as an example of politicial violence, shes like can this wait till the morning? im like no. Shes like you’re an amazing activist but can be a peace of shit friend some time, i laughed.This is important, everything is important to you she said.
So we started talking and she was saying that the work we do is subversive etc. I’m like serving free food, fighting for people rights to housing etc. is subversive?Then she mentioned our reading program and how we use Mao Che etc. to educate street youth on their rights. I mentioned the fact that many of these programs are done with the help of liberal fucks and the good relations we have with various groups and social
agency’s downtown and shes like exactly your organization is not just rabblle rousers but has credibility in the community. I mention that Kitchener Waterloo is a small city of half a million and even if everyone here rose up that does not equal a revolution in KKKanada (unfortunately lol). but after further conversation it became clear that the reason they are using my writing in the syllabus is because of my politics.

Political policing plain and simple. The same reason i was part of an undercover sting operation which resulted in nothing, conspiracy charges being dropped after hanging out with an RCMPig for two years, the same reason i was charged by indictment for my blog, which i beat. The same reason that from 96 to 2006 i was in jail, on bail or house arrest with  conditions. To be a terrorist is to have a political ideology.

I brought up the fact that the 32’s were on this page as well and all you could find without the password was that they are the political wing of the Real IRA (which doesnt exist anymore) slander to criminalize them because of their politics. This slander has led to the internment of Marian Price, Martin Corey and countless others, torture stop and searches and shit i cant even imagine.
To have principles in this society of conciliation makes one a terrorist, a criminal. The same way that the Irish Freedom committee and other human rights groups were slandered and criminalized by the media for taking a just stand around PSNI participation in the St. Patricks day parade. Following Gobbels logic of the big lie,make a huge slander repeat it over and over again and people will think its the truth.

Yet the real sad thing about this is that it deflects from who the real terrorists are, the state. It was not the 32’s that shot 14 civilians at bloody sunday, it was not the 32’s that gave information to death squads to murder and kill unarmed Irish people, it was not the 32’s that strip searches and tortues people put in cages like animals to live in there own filth. The real terrorists is the colonialist state.
In the KKKanadian context it is not the political activists that shot and murdered Dudley George, nor was it activists that shot sammy, or are imposing the PAVIS model of counterinsurgency in our community. The real terrorists is the state that murders with impunity. By calling political people terrorists they can hide their own crimes and justify there polices of genocide racism and class exploitation


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