Our Duty To Support The Craigavon Two #JFTC2

8 Apr

The illegal and criminal incarceration of the Craigavon Two by the British State is an example of everything that
is wrong with the British occupation in the north of Ireland. While the leadership of SF is currently meeting with
the commander in chief of British death squads and having tea and biscuits, the Craigavon Two are sitting in a cell in
MagHaberry deprived of all basics rights, the most recent victims of the British Injustice system.

Their case and conviction, based on secret evidence,Diplock Courts,witness tampering and intimidation demonstrates
that not much has changed since the signing of the GFA and the injustice of their incarceration is not just a crime against
them but rather an attack on justice and human rights of ALL people in the occupied six counties.

Despite the fact that their appeal has discredited any and all accusations against them, they are still sitting in
jail almost one year after this “awaiting a decision” in other words being continuously punished for their real crime,
their politics. Like Price, Corey and many others the British state is trying to break them and break the movement
by targeting all who are political but in this they will fail!!!

In J.P. Woottans own words (in a surprise letter that I received) he states(all spelling mistakes are mine):
“While I am confident…we will be back home again to our families and communities, it must be recognize that
this type of injustice is merely a symptom of a cruel and unjust system. Unless this is abolished it will continue
to affect more people. Take for example Gerry Conlon, Who has supported us in our quest for justice, he himself
faced a similar outrage many years ago and here it is, happening again. Unless we treat the disease, the symptoms
will always reappear……If one good thing could come from all this I hope is that the real nature of the system
we live under is clearly exposed.”

It is clear to all those who are watching what is occurring under the occupation that the nature of the occupation
has not changed, and any who speak out will be brutalised and criminalized and as such all who believe in the ideas
of justice and human rights have an obligation to speak out and oppose this miscarriage of justice as well as to hold
the British accountable. I ask people to write to the Craigavon Two as well as contact whatever representative
of British Injustice is in your area to demand their freedom now and demand and end to the illegal kidnapping of
Irish Republicans by the British state.

For more info on their case please check out http://www.justiceforthecraigavontwo.com

Those in KKKanada please contact the British Consulate 416 593 1290

Write to the Craigavon Two

Brendan McConville

JOhn Paul Woottan

Maghaberry Prison
Upper Ballinderry Road
Lisburn, Co.Antrim
North of Ireland
Bt28 2Pt


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