32CSM International Press Release

12 Apr

from http://www.32csm.net

The insidious attempts by the recent State Visit of President Michael Higgins to Britain to portray the Anglo Irish conflict as resolved are hereby strenuously refuted. Irish National Sovereignty remains violated by the Westminster Parliament and thus the root cause of conflict remains.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement has delivered a communiqué to the accredited International Diplomatic Corp in Ireland outlining the factual and historical position of Irish National Sovereignty. In this communiqué we delivered to each embassy a copy of the Submission our organisation made to the United Nations in 1998 detailing how our sovereignty was, and remains, violated by a foreign Parliament.

The Irish people declared a Sovereign Republic in an armed uprising in 1916. Although the national expectation at the time was for Home Rule, and said Home Rule ratified by Westminster, it was subsequently shelved in the face of threats of Unionist violence.

In the General Election of 1918 the Irish People overwhelmingly voted for independence. The Sinn Fein party won 73 out of the 105 seats. As per the Sinn Fein Manifesto those elected vowed to establish an Independent Irish Parliament. Dáil Eireann was duly formed and in 1919 issued a Declaration of Independence.

The British reaction to this sovereign democratic expression from the Irish people was to declare Dáil Eireann an illegal assembly. In Westminster the Government of Ireland Act 1920 was passed partitioning Ireland. Following on from the War of Independence the Anglo Irish Treaty of 1922 was put to the Irish people under threat of ‘immediate and terrible war’. Ireland was partitioned and the violation of Irish Sovereignty continued.

In 1998 the Good Friday Agreement, whose negotiations were based on the prior acceptance of a partitionist outcome, was put to dual referenda in both jurisdictions. Prior to these referenda the 32 County Sovereignty Movement lodged our Submission to the United Nations in New York challenging the validity of these referenda and rejecting them utterly as an act of self determination of the Irish people.

We herein enclose a copy of that Submission, and its subsequent Addendum, so that the International Press may have an objective and alternative perspective as to the current situation in Ireland viz the continuing conflict and the reasons thereof.

With due regard and thanks,
Francie Mackey
Cathaoirleach Náisiúnta/National Chairperson
32 County Sovereignty Movement

32CSM letter to International Embassies

Your Excellency,

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement feel compelled, in light of the State Visit
to Britain by President Higgins, to inform the International Community, via their respective
Embassies in Ireland, of a challenge lodged by us at the United Nations challenging British claims
to sovereignty over part of Ireland.

This challenge was lodged by formal Submission in 1998 by representatives of the 32CSM in
New York prior to the dual referenda held in relation to the Good Friday Agreement. (A copy of
the Submission is attached for your consideration).

We feel that the pomp and circumstance surrounding this State visit, and the statements
emanating thereof, are deliberately designed to give the false impression that the issue of Irish
National Sovereignty, vis a vis the Westminster Parliament’s claim over six of Ireland’s thirty two
counties is in some way resolved. It is not. The violation of Irish National Sovereignty by the
British Government is the root cause of conflict between our two countries and whilst that
violation remains so too will armed conflict.

Our initiative to petition the UN represented a peaceful strategy to address the cause of conflict
once and for all and to utilise International Law to this end. We urge the International Community,
via the auspices of your office, to recognise that the cause of conflict remains and also call upon
your Government, via your office, to urge the UN to deal resolutely with our challenge before

To view the UN submission follow the link http://www.32csm.net/p/32csm-policy-documents.html


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