True (wo)men in Belfast

20 Apr

Dedicated to the Belfast Cumman and all Republicans who have made it possible for me to be here

Sitting down on a sunday morning, boiling hot water on a stove for coffee, freezing my ass off
due to the pecular way heating works, i light another ciggerrette and am just taking in all i have
seen and done in the last few days. Being in Belfast since monday has really opened my eyes to the level of repression
and impacts that colonization and occupation has on a city in a people.

The occupation is visible and impacts every aspect of the Irish life from going to walk around the city to the personal psyche of the people you speak to.
One cannot talk about Belfast without talking about the occupations. From the peacewall (that divide loyalist and nationalist communitys), to the PSNI/RUC Amored cars
that drive by, to what one can and cant talk aboutin acoffe shop, the occupation seeps into ones psyche. Belfast and the political climate here is one of deep hostility,
fear and control, despite the attempts of The British state to implement their process of normalization, it doesnt take one long to realize that nothing is normal.
Talking politics here is similar to attempting to talk politics in Romania, as there are deep suspisions of who is listening, what ones motivations ccould be
and what the consequenses of ones words are. Talking to my apolitical friends its quite obvious to me that to be seen with me and my friends could have deep consequences
to go to an event here, unaskable.

From the Catholic Church in Short Strand, where crosses lie to remember those shot simply for being catholic, to the streets in Ardoyne where there are plaques to remind
ones shot by loyalist violence, the conflict (which hasnt gone away you know) is visible for all that have eyes to see. Far from the tourist hotels, one sees the modern Graffitti
RIRA, CIRA ONH and other para names on the catholic side, as well as slogans that talk about the people aspirations for freedom and justice, and kill the Taigs (a racist terms for Nationalists),
Fuck the pope and of Course No Surrender on the Loyalist sides, as well as other similar intellegent and articulate political arguements.

Despite this, the stop and searches, the M15 agents, internment by remand secret evidence and every single dirty trick, from buying off revolutionarys, to jailing and assasinating others
the movement to resist the occupation is still not broken, and this is not from a lack of trying. As infights and fueds created by agent provactuers attempt to create further divisions,
to the repainting over murals to re write history, it is quite obvious that every weapon and dity trick in the British arsenol is being used to destroy and decimate the movement. As one explained to me
to be a Republican under the occupation means you will lose your job,by isolated marginalizaed and attacked, you will have to go to jail at least once in your life and you will be slandered have your name blackened.

Despite all this, the movement is still here and every day more and more people are disillusioned by what is going on, as the promiose of peace and the so called political process is discredited, and although
many peoplemay not openly support the movement, they will tell you in q uite rooms, or in the parks I hate SF, and if one has eyes to see one will know that no matter what the Brits will try, the people here are not fools
they know whats going and and as such wil never be beaten.

While it is true that the occupation has produced criminals, turncoats, sectariansm both politically and nationally, its has also produced people like Martin Corey, JP Wooten, Colin Duffy and Martin Meehan
people of the highest cailbre, principled and filled with love for there country, and while the damage and scares of the occupation has produced anti social elements, it has also produced people who are willing to give up
everything even there souls(this is a reference to excommunication of patriots that start shortly after 1916) for there country to be free.

The fact that groups of the calibre of 32CSM still exist and will continue to exist is in and itself a victory for those who are fighting, and as i wait for my cofee aka filth to cook on the stove I feel honoured to not
only be in there presence, but to be able to call them comrades and when I go home to my friends I go carrying in my heart the love and rage shown to me by people such as them and independent socialists, who no matter what
will never be broken. I go carrying with me tyhe understanding that no matter what the Brits and there agents do there will always be true (Wo)men in Belfast who are principled and armed with a love for the people
and I thank all comrades here for giving me this opportunity to see this.


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