HCPDF Statement read at 32CSM Easter Commemoration Yesterday

22 Apr

Comrades and friends The Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front Send Revolutionary Greetings to the 32csm its membership , Leadership and Prisoners. HCPDF is a grassroots group of Venezeluans,Latin Americans, and Supporters aimed to defeat the attacks on Venezuela and its right to determine their own destiny. Like your struggle against British Colonialism the fighting for self determination has been going on since the time of Simon Bolivar.Since the Start of the new Bolivarian Revolution led by Hugo Chavez and Continued by Maduro the US has launched all sorts of attacks to once again drag us into their chains. the most recent attacks being the violent chile like coup that they are trying to orchestrate with the so called peaceful protestors armed and aided by the US. But like the coup that the used to try to remove Chavez this too will fail!!!We Send you fraternal solidarity, particularly to the international department that has been supportive in building bridges between our two movements, and wish you success on the anniversary of the Easter uprising. Long Live A Unified and Free Ireland, Long Live The 32CSM, Long Live The Bolivarian Revolution


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