Interview with ex Long Kesh POW on Normalization and Revisionism

23 Apr

give us a brief discription of who you are and what organization you are with

I am a true Irish Republican, I believe in the principles of the 1916 proclamation,
I believe that we as a nation have the right to Sovereighnty, therefore I would be
seen as an enemy of the state as it now exists. As such I am an activist with 32CSM.
As an activist I am tarnished by the powers that be as a dissident, a troublemaker,
but thats what I am here for, to make trouble for them.

Tell us a little bit about your history and introduction to Irish Republicanism

My history is simple, I came from an Irish Republican area, my father was interned by the British in the early 70’s
our home was radied on a weekly basis by British crown forces as such my family was alwaysn Republican.

Briefly talk about your experiance in Long Kesh.

I was imprisoned in Long Kesh for six years. The movements policy in relation to our incarceration
was that we educated ourselves in every way possible. The reason for this was that education can be used as a weapon.
Although we were behind the barbed wire, concrete, we were still using our time in a productive manner. This was as we were
not part of the armed struggle because we were in prison, at least through education and knowledge we could always beat them
no matter where they put us.

What is normalization today and what impact does it have on the Irish Psyche

The so called main stream Republican movement have now sided with the British, they are trying to make
the last 40 years of revolution as if it did not happenned.Because I dont adhere to the so called mainstream
arguement, I reject the Revisionism of our history.

What is historical revisionism and how is it reflected in day to day life

We use to have a whole network of rebel bands, and we had some fantastic murals
about the history of our struggle, some of these murals are now being painted over and being replaced, with
watered down versions of events, the ostrasization of other Republican movements, they try to criminalize and demonize us
they are trying to dismantle us bit by bit through there agents and such and you have something like 400 000 people in Ireland living in poverty
while our so called leaders in SF are having banquets with the queen of England, they have tried to normalize the state militia like the PSNI/RUC and
have them occupy our communittys where as once they (SF) kept them out of our communitys. The PSNi is full of old RUC men who participated in collussion and shoot to kill.
SF has now acceptted them as the law against the wishes of the Irish people.

what is the purpose of this

This is to marginalize us who are still revolutionary. While we as a nation are still occupied we who still struggle will not go away.


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