Thoughts on Ireland

25 Apr

Before I start ranting I would like to tell all my KKKanadian comrades that contrary to the bets that have been placed etc. I have not gotten lifted, nor have I got lost and wandered in a Loyalist area, the lads have not yet taken me to a back alley and given me a beating, and my ranting and raving about politics, Cuba etc. have not yet driven anyone to the point of clocking me cause I wont shut up. As such, since you have all lost I think it is right and proper that I get whatever money was in the pool for political organizing coffee cigarettes etc.

In terms of my health eating properly etc, dont worry there are also people here who yell at me to eat, take care of myself etc. I am fine and the only reason I havent contacted any of youse is cause as you all know I know nothing about technology am always broke and running around losing track of time doing things.

To my Irish comrades that I have not visited, or wondering if I had a good experience due to some of the hiccups and issues that have come up, dont worry everything is grand and spot on, and every fuck up that happened has given me a better under of the true reality of Ireland and the nature of the occupation, I have not achieved what I set out to achieve (No Santiago I did not lose the camera it just doesnt work here), but I have achieved quite a few other things. As those who organize with me in KKKanada know we sit around spending hours making plans and dealing with every possibility that may come up, only to have life come in the way fuck up our plans and put us in a position to set new aims goals etc (thats me rationalizing the fact that we usually fly by the seat of our pants lol).

As Many of you know despite my ML politics and my ardent believe that social realism is the only true form of art, I do suffer from bourgoise sentimentalism, which sometimes blinds me from seeking truth from facts and unlike our Comrade uncle Joe who is a man of steel, the taints of humanism make it apt to call me the man of spaggetti and wet noodles, knowing this I have tried to forget everything I know from books and discussions on the nature of the occupation and look at things with new eyes attempting to analsize things by observing the material conditions and coming up an understanding of the reality by what I see, as oppossed to what I want to see.

Being here for about ten days, I have seen the most solid and heroic acts as well as acts committed by people who call themselves republicans so disgraceful that even the most fucked up goofs in KKKanada would not commit in Public. I have met the most solid comrades guided by principles with love in there heart for the people, as well as opportunistic peaces of shit that can be only called a waste of skin, I have seen a woman accosted and verbally attacked in a bar due to the fact that she is a solid republican by a peace of shit, and people in a community mobalizing to defend there parks from anti social elements, and yet I have not yet even scratched the surface of the reality of Belfast, much less the Occupied Six counties or the free state. Throughout all this meeting with those that want to bring what is new into existance, and dinasours who hold onto the past instead of trying to move forward based on material conditions I have realised that all these problems stem from the occupation and at the end of the day, I hold the Brits and those who have left a whole generation of youth adrift with no political leadership or continuity responsible for everything from the in fighting and political sectarianism to the growth of anti social elements.
Occupation is a brutal thing and there is no one I have met yet who has not lost family or friends to the occupation. The scars and blood drips through the streets as every mural or corner has a story, and despite the attempts of the revisionists to rewrite history these scars are etched into the psyche of the population and cant be erased and painted over like the murals in ardoyne.

Coming here I was directed to talk to everyone who is willing to talk to me meet everyone who is willing to meet with me ask any questions at all and come to my own conclusions, and I have done that to the best of my capacity.

As such I have done that trying to put away my prejudices and see things as they really are. In a bar in Derry, after the Easter commemorration of the 32CSM, I was granted an audiance with Francis Makey the Chair of the 32’s. Last time I spoke to him, was over skype right before one of our functions, where i first blaabed like an idiot starstruck, and later ranted and raved as the RCMPIGS fucked up or skype connection at the function (what can i say I always make3 good first impressions lol)

We went up stairs and this time while still in awe, I put my prejudices aside and asked hard questions about the reality
on the ground.

What really struck me was how he answered these questions. In the left there is a tendancy to depolitise things saying this person is good or bad, not taking in any of the material conditions or having a political analysis , which is one of the reason why the colonialists and the bourgoiseare in power

.Makey did no such thing. First of all it became clear to me that he knew who he was adressingand all his answers well thought out reflected this, our discussion was candid and frank and despite the “a political” nature of the questions all his answers reflected a political analysis of the problems in the movement and the issue that were addressed, despite being internal and none of my business, were addressed from the point of view reflecting the impact of the occupation on every aspect of life.

The other thing that struck me was the deep desire and understanding of principled unity based on reality as oppossed to the attitude that is so prevelant and makes the Brits dance with joy that I am right and all must bow and serve me because I have written a good position paper based on utopian thought and dreams.

This desire for principled unity with all forces and the need to move forward working with all who are genuine was also reflected in the thoughts and conversations of quite a few others I have met in Belfast who refuse to get involved in infighting and there answer to slanders and accusations os there work.
At a time period when the brits through there agents have divided the movement, through a policy of buying people off, charcter assasination and slander, internment by remand etc etc the call for principled unity seems to me as the correct and proper analysis. This desire of princled unity is the real threat to the brits and those who have carved out a niche for themselves as republican masquerades quisling who dine with the enemy while incarcerating there former comrades and as such those who push this forward are targeted by the state for political extermination.

As a new generation of Republicans grow up to fill the shoes of the old there is a desire to move forward and create something new leaving behind past diffrences for the sake of confronting a common enemy. Too much blood has been spilt here for political sectarianism to prevail and new ideas are emerging to deal with everything from the drug problem to the understanding of the true nature of the occupation, as I prepare to leave I feel sad leaving behind all those that I have met, but confident that those calling for unity will prevail, because as an outsider who has spent only a few days here I can say I truly believe that if principled unity is not achieved and the state forces and there agents and spliters win, dark days are the future for the 32 Countys

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