Twitter Campaign Today #JFTC2

30 Apr

After Spending several years incarnated in MagHaberry torture centre, based on secret evidence, Diplock courts,missing evidence and a trial that would only make sense in the darkest writings of Kafka, the Craigavon Two, political scapegoats sacrificed by the system for the sake of peace are still incarcerated in brutal conditions despite all the evidence that came out at their appeal demonstrating their innocence.

The appeal, which was heard over a year ago has not changed much for these republicans incarcerated in a British Gaol for no crime other than their love for Ireland. As they await a decision, and the courts drag their feet, the media and other “independent bodies” have pushed for a campaign of media blackout and silence in regards to their case, thinking that if they put this issue on the back-burner people will forget and the British Injustice machinery can carry out business as usual.

For those of us outside hearing and monitoring such cases we get a feeling of helplessness as we are told over and over again that there is nothing we can do about the case.

Today people across the world are going to prove these naysayers wrong and you can help them. While these two lads are languishing in MagHaberry for a political assassination that they did not commit, us as supporters and believers in human rights can do something to assist.

The Justice for the Craigavon Two Campaign is calling on all people to send tweets with the hashtag #JFTC2 to break the silence and let them and the Brits know that they are not forgotten. Please join in and send a tweet today demanding justice, let the Brits and other colonizing forces know that they can’t act with impunity and the whole world is watching


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