CPCML Statement on May Day

1 May

The Workers’ Centre of CPC(M-L) on the occasion of May Day 2014, salutes the Canadian and Quebec working class for its courageous and determined resistance to nation-wrecking and the anti-social austerity agenda. With more and more organized and concerted actions, workers are rising to block the wrecking of the country’s industrial base, public services and social infrastructure, and to stem the attacks on workers’ rights, wages, benefits and pensions.

The neo-liberal wrecking of everything in the public realm has spurred the people to action. With heightened conviction, the working class is formulating and putting forward a pro-social alternative, which is drawing broader sections of the Canadian people into action. Farmers demand the re-establishment of the Canadian Wheat Board’s public monopoly on grain marketing and an end to the dismantling of public supply management systems. Scientists, doctors, technical experts and others are standing up for pro-social positions. First Nations forcefully claim the recognition of their sovereignty and right to a say and control over the way Mother Earth is treated and her bounty distributed.

As a contingent of the international working class, workers of Canada and Quebec affirm their unity with the workers and oppressed peoples everywhere who are fighting to defend their sovereignty and right to chart their own destiny free from imperialist interference. The working class and its allies in other strata repudiate Harper’s war government, which in concert with the U.S. and other imperialist powers threatens to plunge the peoples into a devastating world war. The anti-war opposition led by the working class must step up its fight to establish an anti-war government.

May First is an important occasion to sum up the experience gained in the class struggle during the previous year and set a line of march. Sober assessment of past events and deciding on a course of action are very much required in a society where every pressure is put against activating the human factor/social consciousness. The working class can only make headway based on its own agenda, one that workers themselves formulate, defend and fight for with passion and conviction.

Workers’ experience in the class struggle is telling them they need to act as an organized force, in a way that can only be achieved if they discuss with their peers and together establish an agenda and required strategy and tactics within the framework of the fight to bring in the New and get rid of the Old. For modern workers experienced in solving problems of production, how to develop their own independent politics and effectively defend the rights of all are practical problems to be solved on a modern basis. Providing rights with a modern definition that they belong to the holder by virtue of being human is key to being effective and achieving successes which can then be taken further to achieve victory.

Working people are under tremendous pressure to wage only defensive battles and depend on others to represent them politically, but workers are breaking out of this old way of doing things. Experience is showing them that they are the only force with the numbers, organization and desire to uphold the public interest, enforce public will and put an end to the dictate and nation-wrecking of the monopolies and their direct take-over of governments and state agencies. By leading the fight against nation-wrecking and for democratic renewal of the electoral process and constitutional arrangements so as to vest sovereignty in the people, workers can empower not only themselves but the polity itself and open society’s path to progress.

In the fight to renew democracy, the importance of establishing social forms such as Committees for People’s Empowerment cannot be underestimated. Those social forms provide a means to ensure the unity of the people under conditions where reactionary forces use the mass media and disinformation to sow doubt about the people’s capacity to fight, smash the people’s ability to think and plan coherently, and disorganize any opposition.

The working class as the most numerous and organized force disciplined by modern production must take the lead in the struggle for people’s empowerment. On the occasion of May First, 2014, the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) calls on all those who stand to gain from a working class that has the power to restrict and deprive the global monopolies and their politicians of the monopoly right to do as they please and stop them from stomping on the public interest with impunity to join in!

Workers and Oppressed Peoples of the World, Unite!
Our Future Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All!
Organize for People’s Empowerment!

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