6 May

The furore emanating from Provisional Sinn Fein (PSF) following the arrest of Gerry Adams further exposes how inept that party were when they failed to uphold the 1916 Proclamation, failed to protect the sovereignty of the Irish Nation and continued that failure by accepting British policing in our country.

When Adams and McGuinness et al told Irish citizens to join such a corrupt force they were totally dishonest with our people. Mc Guinness is now forced to admit that they knew all along there is a dark side in the PSNI and that changing their name from the RUC would not alter this. This is the lie they sold to the nationalist people.

This is the very same British force to which PSF calls upon people to inform on their neighbours if such neighbours are seeking an end to British occupation in Ireland. Having publicly conceded that he maintains furtive contact with senior members of this force perhaps the Stormont Micro Minister can direct would-be informers as to where their touting activities will best serve the Crown? For what other reason could such contacts serve?

In contrast the present day practices of rounding up political hostages and incarcerating them in Maghaberry or Hydebank gaols by this British force continues unabated yet PSF are conspicuous by their deafening silence on political policing when applied to Irish republicans. Will they call for an end to the torture and abuse meted out by the PSNI against individuals, families and young children of republicans or is that to be regarded as the bright side of British policing in Ireland?

And how telling is it that in this the centenary year of the founding of Cumann Na mBán a mural praising the efforts of republican women in this phase of the struggle was painted over by a mural glorifying the cult of leadership.

As republicans we reject utterly any pseudo premise upon which those would claim a British police force in Ireland could be afforded any legitimacy. There is no dark or bright side to the British occupation of our country; only the politically blind would stoop to such a pronouncement.

Francis Mackey
32 County Sovereignty Movement

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