Hades By Twilight

7 May

So ive been back for a week and people have a million questions about what I saw what I did what is the reality
etc. etc. In this week I have been bombarded by projects that I took on, plus ones I have not finished as well as the
daily strugglle of living and defending our communitys.

Our peoples programs are in Chaos, our political educuation is lacking,
our media work is being done by a handful of people and social democrats and other sorts of vultures are
preying on the innocent with there promise of funding (aka blood money) in return for peoples souls.

As well with the intensification of the gentrification in the East end, OD’s scum dealers etc. etc. etc. it seems to me that
things are going to hell in a handbasket, or more to the point, the ancient heresy that states that we are living
in Satans domain is spot on.

In light of this there are two ways to look at things, things are horrible, fucked up and nothing can be done, or things
are so fucked up and hopeless that we have no choice but to engage and fight. One might look at the second line that i wrote
and be like what the fuck is he talking about, but if one really thinks about it kinda makes sense.

The crisis of capitalism and empire is increasing, and it is presenting itself in such a way that peoples lives are dirrectly affected
and all that we thought we knew is wrong. No glorious proletariat has risen and smashed the chains of capitalism,
social democracy has failed to sandpaper the contradictions that we are facing, making themselves the implementers
of austerity and neoliberalism, and post modernism wankerism has infected progressive circles in the campuses to the
point where people spend hours discussing the oprresive nature of food as opposed to asking the pertinant question
why do so many people do without. In other words things are so fucked up that we cant fuck them up anymore, and the only solution
that presents itself is that we have a duty and obligation to stop being passive observers on the sidelines and actually
engage and define the phenomena that presents itself so we can then understand it and change it.

This in no way is a regection of Marxism-Leninism but rather a call for people to take Lenin and Marx to the community. In other words define what the material conditions are and change them by mobalizing our communitys
and not giving up and indulging in petty wordsmithing or holier then thou arguements on Communism fb page. (or anarchism.org etc.).

The material conditions have created a crisis which is not a coffeshop discussion but actually affects peoples everyday lives
and the masses wont rise unless we make them rise by organizing our collectives. Hell is not other people but rather
what we are living everyday, what are we going to do about it?


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