Maria Corina Machado confronted, arm gets twisted, all in all a good night!!!

9 May

After the violence directed against peaceful protestors in Ottawa by supporters of Maria Corina Machado, i was quite angry and not knowing what to expect at todays event. Shortly after arriving I was handed a ticket to go inside and listen to her spew her hate.

For those of you who don’t know Maria Corina Machado is a CIA puppet who played a pivotal role in the 2002 attempted coup against Chavez, calls for direct military intervention in Venezuela, has intensified attacks which has led to the deaths of over 40 Chavistas recently and is an all around peace of shit.

I go inside and as soon as I enter I am approuched by a journalist and we start talking shop. behind us is an open bar with free Champagne, wine, expensive beers scotch etc. etc., orderves armani suits etc. In other words I stuck out like a sore thumb.

Still I’m chatting with different journalists talking shop and exchanging stories about the Arctic and other places travelled while totally avoiding the subject of Latin America.

All around me I can hear the elite bashing the protestors outside, poor people and saying some quite nasty things (sometimes it really helps to pretend you don’t understand spanish) and the later she is (I believe it was well over an hour, the more the drinks pour and the drunker they get. Im asked why I don’t get a drink and I say the last thing I need right now is a drink.

Its like some bad Hunter S. Thompsan book, and I’m like feeling any second these fucks are gonna figure out who I am and they will want my blood. The later she is the more freaked out I am, and Im just thinking I need some fucken golf shoes. More and more security come into the building and the room and though I am joking with other reporters I can feel all there eyes on me.

The question I had for myself was what serves the cause Julian from sound fm or julian the activist. I didn’t present media credentials and i told several other reporters I’m not sure I’m gonna cover this. The issue to me posed itself as such, if i act as a journalist I can ask right solid questions and expose her through my questions. For this to work though you need an unbias audience or an audience that actually gives a shit about the facts. Looking around, Im surrounded by the business elite (I shit you not bay street at its sickest) and very pale Venezuelan fascists as well as some reporters who may not get the story out. If I act like activist julian I will cause disruption and confront this fascist, whose hands are soaked in blood.

The more I think about it the more this looks like a staged event aimed at getting kkkanadian business elite behind the fascist project in Latin America. I had my placard in my pocket folded, not sure of what to do. I think legally what can be the consequences of a disruption, trespass if i don’t leave when I’m told and they have the right to hold me for 24 hours or some shit like not, really nothing in the big scheme of things.

Still I’m not sure what to do but it was Maria Corina Machado that made the decision for me. After over an hour of waiting and most of the crowd happy with the drink it became clear to me that they were in no mood to listen and the best way to engage is through disruption. The forum was she talks then the moderator asks questions then some hand picked pre ordained shit is asked, not a way to engage or learn and obviously a photo op. Still I didn’t have time to ponder this, as she thrust her hand in my face to shake hands and I looked at it like it was a dead fish. It hung in the air for bait till the mood got sour and finally I shook her hand. At this point the jig was up and the only way forward was through direct confrontation, no orderves, or champagne for me.

I waited till she started speaking and pulled the placard out of my pocket and drowned our her lies with facts. Her face dropped, people boo’ed and security rushed me. Still her speech was interrupted, facts got out and all was good.

They lifted me and dragged me out of the room, using that fucken cop trick with the hand behind your back like an l and they push your plam up your back severely hurting you. I made it clear I was leaving, and I was already oout of the room when i told them to let go, Im not resisting and they have no legal right to manhandle me as i was posing no threat, they lifted me of the ground by my hand and the more i said they were not cops and had no legal right the more they applied pressure. A lawyer exited an elevator and he look really shocked to see this going on in his building. They put me in another elevator, increasing the pressure and telling me to stop complaining. After we got to the first floor they through me literally out on my ass. I guess they must have had something beside the champagne, fucken blood thirsty peaces of shit.

I confronted security outside, and demanded answers. Legally what they did was wrong. I had a ticket I was not told to leave, I was not given a trespass warning, and police was not called. I guess being above the law is what the so called Venezuelan opposition is all about, doing what serves there interests no matter. what. good thing i didn’t waste my breathe trying to talk sense to them


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