DPAC speaks in Kitchener

14 May

Today some comrades from DPAC in the so called UK came to speak about the work they do, there presentation included members of OCAP doing the same thing in Toronto. The focus of the discussion was on the need for unity to resist austerity and the attack on poor people by mobilizing there collective to fight for there right to exist.

The presentation began with speakers discussing the attack on all poor people as part of austerity but then talked about the role of those marginalized by society due to the fact that there body or the way they think is different from what the bourgoise needs (my wording) and as such are marked for attack through cuts and other measures aimed at denying them to there right to existence.

The model of resistance presented was not one of ohhh poor people etc etc but rather one of the need for those who are attacked to unify and fight for the rights they have by virtue of being human.

Listening to the comrades from the so called UK and Toronto speak was refreshing, especially as someone who in many cases feel they are forced to either identify by class or origin due to my political outlook which is that the enemy is the state, and the need to find likeminded people.

It was also refreshing to know that the shit we go through here is something people everywhere are going through and that we are not isolated in our struggle but joined by people around the world also fighting.

The most interesting thing for me is the way in which health and body differences was framed in the context of the class struggle and not something outside of it. In fact the term disability was framed as a result of the ruling classes needs for labour and other such things e.g.. what are the needs of the ruling class, and what sort of bodes etc. are useful to them. I left this talk feeling really positive about the anti austerity work we r doing here in KW and think the presentation kicked ass. DPAC is on FB people should give them a like and see what they are up to. People should also check out ocap at http://www.ocap.ca, also check out Poverty Makes us Sick, the peeps that put in all the elbow grease to make it happened on fb


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