glad to have such solid friends and comrades

14 May

Organizing political shit can be very stressful sometimes. When your not running around trying to change the world, it seems that you are trying to solve everyones problems, and the more you mobilize people the more really fucked up stories you here and wish that you could help many many times these issues are beyond your control.

In the word of one comrade yesterday after a public meeting sometimes the negativity can really get you as you feel helpless isolated and constantly under attack.

While it is true that victories you win can vigorate you, from something as simple as teaching someone to read or something more complex like a solid blockade, we must all admit that at times you feel like work you do is pointless and for every problem you solve ten come up to replace them. This is particularly true if you are organizing those discarded by society and you yourself have many real world problems that you face.

The last few days look really bleak to me with mothers day and all that shit and my plan was to ditch the spot re union, look myself up in a room somewhere and sleep through the whole weekend. Seeing the support and friendship from those at the reunion, as well as those comrades who did whatever they could to  bring a smile to my face reminded me of what we are fighting for a community that while it may not be perfect cares about each other.

When I think of all the friends who msg me to go for coffee at 9 am, or call to check how I’m doing, or will change there very important plans last minute to make sure I’m with friends in dark times I come to understand the sacrifices people make not out of pity but rather out of community and love are an expression of the ties we forge and friendship that stems out of that and in my darkest moments i know that there are people who will be there for me and in turn i will be there for them not out of so sense of obligation but rather out of friendship.

These moments of simply sharing a smoke or splitting a pepsi etc. make me realize that no matter where i go I have people that care about my and I want them to know i really appreciate it

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