Pax Britannia

27 May

They have made a desert then called it peace

The recent “arrest” of Adams has once again brought Ireland to the attention of the world. Many were shocked to see
the leader of a political party arrested so long after the so called end of troubles.One only need open any news paper
to see articles about the “dark cabal within the PSNI” or comments aimed at gaining public sympathy for SF with
claims of a return to the “dark past” and the threats to the “peace process” in the Occupied Six Countys.

While most media and leftist are focusing on the arrest of Adams and its significance the larger question is ignored,
which is what are the present conditions in the Occupied Six Countys and has the peace process actually brought peace
to Ireland. Peace by definition is a state where force is not used as a mechanism of social cohersion, where people
are free to live there lives free from threat of the use of force. Is that the present situation?

Sartre in his book on Genocide defines occupation as a tool of genocide in the sense that the occupier has two choices
to use force to assimilate subjugate and eventually wipe out the people under occuption or withdraw. This is do to the fact
that occupation by its very nature is a violent phenomena which by its very nature creats a climate of conflict with hot
and cold periods. In other words repression resistance intensification of repression etc. For this phenomena to occur
there is a need to demonize and criminalize the subjugated people especially those whose principles refuse this subjugation.

The use of force need not be open in the sense of mass bombings etc. but can be carried out through low intensity methods
so prevalent after the loss of Anglo American imperialist forces in Vietnam. These methods include the process of Vietnamization
eg. instead of using there own forces the occupational power will find a collaborating class which in turn will recruit
from the ranks of the oppressed into there occupational force to adminster colonialism, attacks on culture and an attempt to
erase the history of the colonized, adminstrative detention of key political figures who speak out against the occupation
and a criminalization process of all who dare raise there head for self determination.

If one exaimines the present conditions in occupied Ireland one sees that the above mentioned conditions apply. From the forced
internment of political prisoners, to the recruiting efforts of those administering British rule to recruit the occupied in
there armed wing eg. The PSNI/RUC, to the demonization of Irish Republicans one sees that there is no peace not as the result of any
specific “armed group” but rather by the very nature of occupation itself.

If this is the case, which I think I have proved, the question we must ask ourselves is why then is there talk of a dark cabal etc
as opposed to a wholesale denucation of the system itself. The answer lies with Goebells one of the best propaghandists for occupation
which is the Big lie eg. if you repeat a lie over and over again by its very nature it becomes truth and is believed.

When they state for or against peace process or create this dicotomy one is forced to accept the idea that there
is peace in Ireland and anyone who rejects occupations is against peace as opposed to the truth which is that occupation in
and of itself is violence and as long as there is an occupation there can be no peace, not because of the acts of any of
the colonized but by the fact that occupation itself is violent.

So while the media focuses on Adams and darkforces and such the truth is again hidden, something that anyone who truly loves peace must oppose.


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