Statement from Gerry Conlon on political decision to intern Craigavon Two for life.

29 May

“Just heard that the government judges have upheld the convictions of the Craigavon Two.It is an appalling decision in light of the new evidence and witnesses that were called on behalf of Brendan and John Paul.

Anyone who attended the appeal hearing was struck by the compelling new evidence and the forcefulness of the new witnesses.What we have seen today is nothing short of disgraceful and a complete whitewash by the judiciary in order to protect corrupt and dishonest elements within the police.

The case of the Craigavon Two will not fade away as is hoped by the establishment but it will continue until justice is done and seen to be done.Those politicians who claim to represent and speak for nationalist,republicans and the working class should be outraged by this judgement,they now have an Opportunity to voice their concern and outrage at this blatant injustice.”


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