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A New International Financial and Monetary Order Must Be Demanded – Speech by Cuba’s Raúl Castro Ruz, Group of 77 Summit, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, June 15, 2014 –

28 Jun

Your Excellencies: I thank compañero Evo Morales Ayma, President and illustrious representative of the original peoples of our region, for convoking this important Summit.

At the conclusion of the United Nations First Conference on Trade and Development, in June of 1964, a group of developing countries, conscious of the enormous challenge they would be obliged to face, decided to march forward together to confront a world economic system which has shown itself to be inequitable and unjust.

This group was responsible for the preparation, negotiation and approval, on May 1, 1974, 40 years ago now, of one of the most important programmatic documents in the struggle against under-development and for the achievement of international economic justice: the Declaration and Action Plan for the Establishment of a New International Order, “based on equity, sovereign equality, interdependence, mutual interest and cooperation among all states, whatever their economic and social systems may be, which will allow inequalities to be corrected and current injustices righted; growing disparities between developed and developing countries eliminated; and present and future generation guaranteed accelerating economic and social development in peace, and with justice.”

Shortly thereafter, approval was won for the Charter of Economic Rights and Responsibilities of States, which establishes the sovereign right of states to administer natural resources and economic activity in their territory. These important documents remain absolutely germane, but the great paradox is that, today, no one wants to talk about them. They are described as “backward” or “left behind by events.”

Yet the gap between the North and the South is now widening, and the deep global economic crisis has become the longest and most difficult of the last 80 years, as a result of the irreversible failure of neoliberalism imposed by the principal centers of power, with a devastating impact on our countries.

As the timeline for accomplishment of the Development Goals, agreed upon at the 2000 Millennium Summit, is almost concluded:

A total of 1.2 billion people around the world live in extreme poverty. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the number of poor has increased non-stop, growing from 290 million in 1990, to 414 million in 2010.

One of every eight persons worldwide faces chronic hunger.

Forty-five percent of children who do not reach five years of age die of malnutrition.

The external debt has reached unprecedented levels, despite the enormous interest payments we have made.

Climate change is being aggravated, fundamentally by the patterns of production and consumption in industrialized countries, which, if they are maintained, will require, by 2030, the equivalent of two planets’ natural resources.

Faced with these realities, the principle of common, but differentiated responsibility in addressing climate change and other environmental challenges remains fully applicable.

As compañero Fidel Castro Ruz has said, “The resources exist to finance development. What is lacking is political will on the part of governments in developed countries.”

A new international financial and monetary order must be demanded, as well as fair trade conditions for producers and importers, from the guardians of capital, concentrated in the International Monetary Fund and World Bank; and from the defenders of neoliberalism grouped within the World Trade Organization which attempt to divide us.

Only unity will allow us to ensure that our broad majority prevails.

This is how we must do it, if we want the post-2015 Development Agenda, which should include the Goals for Sustainable Development, to offer answers to the structural problems of our national economies; to generate changes that allow for sustainable development; to be universally applicable and respond to the needs of different levels of development.

Compañero President:

At this time, the sovereignty of states is being violated, the principles of international law and postulates of the New International Economic Order are being openly trampled; concepts are being imposed which attempt to legalize intervention; force is used and the threat of its use is made with impunity; the media is used to promote division. Still resounding in our ears is the threat by United States President George W. Bush against “60 or more dark corners of the world,” obviously all members of the Group of 77.

We must exercise our solidarity with those who are threatened with aggression. Today, the clearest case is that of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, against which the most sophisticated means of subversion and destabilization are being used, including attempted coups d’etat, in accordance with the precepts of non-conventional war that the United States is now implementing to overthrow governments, to subvert and destabilize societies.

For more than 50 years, we have been the victims of a genocidal U.S. blockade; of terrorist attacks that have taken the lives of thousands of our citizens, and caused significant material damage. The absurd inclusion of Cuba on the list of State Sponsors of International Terrorism is an affront to our people.

As we have denounced, the promotion of illegal, undercover, subversive actions is growing, as well as the use of cyberspace to destabilize our countries, not just Cuba, but any country whose government does not accept intervention or tutelage. In this way, any nation can be the target of cyberattacks directed toward fomenting mistrust, destabilization and potential conflicts.

Over the years, we have always been accompanied by the strong solidarity of the Group of 77 member countries and China, for which I thank you, in the name of the Cuban people.

Let us take advantage of this 50th anniversary of the G-77 to renew our common commitment to join forces and close ranks to build a much more just world.

Thank you very much. (Applause)

This Sunday, Taking Social Responsibility,Serve The People

27 Jun

This Sunday at 4pm PM outside of the City Centre Condo developers community members will be serving food, giving out political literature and taking up social responsibility by strengthening our people’s programs.
With the news that the “hot dog house” will no longer be serving the people of our community, we have taken it upon ourselves to fill the vacuum by taking social responsibility and mobilizing our community.

All are welcome to attend and assist in this endeavour.

Victory Belongs To The People!!!!!

Thoughts on the visit of Mariela Castro Espin

24 Jun

The Cuban Revolution is alive and well despite attacks and slanders from pseudo leftists media and naysayers, and is marching forward to create a truly socialist society based on equality and an end to domination of human over human. This is the message I got from the talk that Mariela Castro Espin gave the other night at the Steelworkers hall in Toronto.

Mariela, Cuban Parlimentarian, Revolutionary and LGBTI activist discussed the issues facing queers in the world and the struggle in Cuba for equality and justice. Speaking to a crowd of about 200 people she did not mince words discussing homophobia globally, in the left, and the need for rectification of society is to move forward toward true justice and equality.

Although she was open admitting the mistakes that Cuba has made, she was not shy in describing the advancements of the Cuban Revolution in combatting Homophobia, nor the struggle that Cuban revolutionary queers have taken on to get there.

Listening to her speak about the struggle of queer youth in a socialist context, and the need to continue this struggle so that a society can be created where all forms of domination are abolished, it is quite clear that a revolutionary process does not end with the seizure of power, but rather intensifies as the struggle against the old is waged and a new society is brought forth. Her vigour, energy and passion against any form of injustice made it clear to all listening that Cuba is not only in the forefront of LGBTQI struggles, but still actively waging a struggle to build socialism and creating a society where all are free and equal.

Anti Poverty Activists say no to Chevrons Dirty Hands

21 Jun

on june 18th people at the anti gentrification tent city in Kitchener attended a workshop on imperialism and colonialism. The focus of the discussion was the role of settlers in the first world to reject the narrative that they are fed by the corporate media and support those struggling for self determination. After a brief history of the crimes of the imperialists in South America was discussed people focused on Chevron and the attacks they are launching on Equador for the stand that they are taking in defense of the environment. The crimes of Chevron and lack of accountability to the indigenous people and the rainforest in Equador was explained and discussed. After this people participated in making a banner as part of the Chevrons Dirty Hands Campaighn and this banner was hung in Victoria Park.

As people dipped there hands in black paint and covered this banner there was a discussion of future actions and what we can do here to support the struggle. All in All it was a success.

Tent City Needs Support!!!!!!!

18 Jun

Due to the devastating effects that the cuts imposed by the liberals have had on our community, as well as the impact of gentrification, the social work of tent city, feeding people, giving people with no where to go shelter, providing trauma support and other necessary things is severely stretched. We as organizers have underestimated the need for the social aspects of tent city and as such have dug deep into our own pockets to provide this. Those who cant support this work physically should do so materially to assist us in this endeavor that is so badly needed. We Need Food, Juice, Blankets, Meat, and money for gas to transport material, childcare supplies and or money to purchase childcare supplys. Although the social aspects of tent city are temporary to a youth on the street or someone who accesses this, this support is invaluable. Please drop off what you can at the tent city site and think of volunteering.

Tent City Day 1

17 Jun

Yesterday June 16th people congregated at city hall to launch the anti gentrification march
that would give rise to tent city. After speeches, people took the streets, the condo developers fearing the protestors would target
them shut down there office one hour early to escape accountability. The march ended up in Victoria Park which
was then liberated by the people. A local lawyer did a know your rights workshop and food was served. this was followed by live music.
As tents were being set up there was a spirit of resistance despite the police presense. All in all the first day was good.

My speech to be read at todays anti gentrification tent city march

16 Jun

Comrades and friends

Today we come together to launch our tent city and gentrification march. This protest was organized not to sit and complain about the problems we are facing but rather to unify all those who under attack by the gentrifiers, capitalists and those who are imposing austerity on us and resist. Our tent city is not simply a protest but rather an action where we ourselves identify the problems that we are facing and create solutions. What are the problems we are facing? I dont think i need to tell you that our community’s are being destroyed to build houses for the rich, nor do i need to tell you that city money that should be helping the people is going to subsidize these monstrosity’s to appease yuppie fucks, nor do i need to tell you about the cuts that are being imposed on us by the new liberal government. You already know all of this, you deal with this everyday as it becomes harder and harder to find a place to live and jobs are becoming more and more scarce and welfare is barely enough to pay rent, much less to buy groceries. This is the reality, the capitalists class is attacking us from all sides destroying our homes community’s and livelyhoods.

While this is going on we are diverted from our true method of struggle by elections and other such garbage where the rich tell us to choose do we wants cute to health care or housing or social services, which is no diffrent then being asked to vote weather we choose to get shot in the arm or the leg and with this sham election ending we are told that the Liberals now have a mandate to impose there austerity agenda on us even though only 15% of the electorate voted for them.We are now told we must be passive and accept this while evictions increase, the homeless population, made up of 50% injured workers increases and the heroine epidemic is intensifying with people dropping like flys.

Our solution is not to wait another four years to elect another government that will do the same nor is it to grovel to the gentrifiers and there yuppie friends but rather to intensify our strugglle in the streets. today we remember the june 15th uprising against Harris and look to that as our method of resistance, direct action, economic disruption, mobilizing our community’s and resisting. This tent city is the continuation of the campaighn against the gentrifiers and there capitalist collaborators who seek to attack us from all sides. Our strategy is the same strategy that we used against milloy et al around the cuts to community start up, special diets and other measures of austerity, occupation economic disruption and intensifying our struggle forcing them to recognize that it will be impossible for them to implement there agenda without repercussions. Today we march and take over the park, tomorrow we take back our citys. the gentrification of downtown Kitchener will not happened without repercussions, we will not sit idely by and let them destroy our community, nor will the implementation of austerity happenned without resistance. We will fight these gentrifiers, capitalists and there cronies and we will win!!!!

Victory belongs to the people!!!!

The Anti Gentrification March To Kick off Tent City This Monday

14 Jun

June 16th 2014 Kitchener City Hall 5:00pm

Volunteers still needed please contact

Come and take a stand against the destruction of our community and help build the alternative to gentrification, neo liberalism and the marginalization of our community.

Now that this electorate sham is over, let us continue our work and be political

14 Jun

The elections are over and once again we are told to go back to our proper place and be complaisant sheep. We are told that our role in politics is over, that we went and put an x on our ballot, and the politicians now have a mandate to screw us over while we remain docile and do nothing.

Despite the fact that almost half of the people did not vote due to their disgust at the backstabbing, opportunism, corruption and general lack of principle from the establishment, the media and the forces of the bourgoise are either promoting the idea of deep defeatism and fear mongering that austerity is going to be implemented and there is nothing that can be done, or the idea that austerity now has a mandate and to oppose this is to somehow be undemocratic and ignore the vote of 15% of the electorate whose voice is a mandate for all the peoples of this territory.

We must reject this and intensify our political work to create the alternative based on principle and real politics. eg. creating the space where the people can analyze their problems discuss and come up with solutions. In practicle terms this means rejecting the idea that our role in politics is over and through mobilizing our community’s coming up with solutions.

The elections are over, but our work is not, let us continue to be political and create the alternative

Nostalgia isnt enough,,,,the struggle hasnt gone away you know

12 Jun

“Protest is when I say I don’t like this. Resistance is when I put an end to what I don’t like. Protest is when I say I refuse to go along with this anymore. Resistance is when I make sure everybody else stops going along too”-U. Mienhoff


Revision, the process of rewriting history whether it is the history of a nation or the history of a movement is a political project in which the person who is re writting history is attempting to change the collective concious of a group of people by taking events and incidents and changing them to fit there world frame view and then disseminating this view so that there narrative becomes the historical reality despite the cognative dissonance between there world view and the phenomena in and of itself.

The flip side of the coin and just a powerful is nostalgia in the sense of looking back at past events and ones participation in said event in a romantic light glorifying the past yet at the same time implementing a historical analysis which takes said events out of the historical framework and pretending that said events ended with ones particpation in those events.

Within the last few months there has been quite a bit of nostalgia around the glorious past of the movement in KW particluarly around the work of the KW Youth Collective and later (although those dripping with nostalgia would like to forget) The KW Spot Collective. This nostogia not only takes this work out of its historical context by pretending that the work is over and has stopped, but actually fails to recognise the mistakes of the past by erasing them in a flood of romanticism turning in there minds at least what is a mass strugglle among the unemployed and marginalized based on militancy, direct action, revolutionary analysis and praxis and dare I say it, Marxism- Leninism into a reformist politically correct golden era which was a precusor to the current social work or other position these people have inside the system which is now “the current and correct way of struggle”.


Problems of the past are forgotten not to make the movement look better but rather to create the picture that what we did back then was good and what is going on today is bad and horrible and criminal. One particular aspact of our work that is convieniantly forgotten is the use of force both correctly and incorrectly and the central role it played (and still plays) in our outlook. This is key for those who look to the glorious past to forget the present, since the existance of force both legitimate and illegitimate has no room in there memorys. For if they acknowledged this then there would be severe contradictions between there past view on this point and there present condemnation of us who still hold those principles as hooligans and thugs.

Another part of nostalgia is admitting and looking back to the past and saying that was then and this is now eg. it was good the work we did back then and important but now is a new day we must change and evolve. This is not necessarily said in these words but rather through action eg. while looking to the glorious past and being all nostolgic rejecting and dismmissing the tactics and ideologies held back then in the present framework.

Looking at all this I feel that for the most part i have nothing to say to these people for the phenomena speaks for itself and peoples memorys are not so maleable that they can be changed by money or other such things.

The phenomena is that in the late 90’s till then mid 2000’s we were a bunch of fucked up kids who looked around and saw that society was fucked and wanted to do something not in the sense of making a diffrence or anything liberal like that but recognized that it must be torn down and something new created.We did this by anaylsing our material conditions and seeing that there was no place for us in the present framework and as such the framework must be destroyed and a new one that reflects our realty must be put in its place. Our free food programs drop in centre literacy programs etc. etc. was not charity in the sense that we wanted to “do something good” but rather it was one prong in our strategy to reject the old society and create the new. We were not intellectuals who had the right words nor were we the perfect saints tokenized and idealized as the proletariate by those who read about marxism in some book. We were (and are) the rabble hated by intellectuals, petty bourgoise students and the academic left, denounced attacked and criminalzied based on our existance our tactics were based on our material conditions to find solutions to the problems that we are facing and we continue to use these and other tactics, because it is clear to us that no one other then us will take up the work to find solutions to the problems that we face.


To those who look to the past and deny the present i ask, have the material conditions that gave rise to our work changed or gotten better? If one looks around from unemployment, the the growing lack of housing to austerity, to drug od’s, the heroine epedemice etc. etc. it is clear that not only have the material conditions not changed but rather they have gotten worst. The crisis in capitalism has tightened the screws and we are the ones getting fucked. As such the struggle has not gone away but rather intensified and any attempt to pretend that the material conditions necessitate another form of struggle, other then intensification mean either that our past analyisis was incorrect or that this is some sort of way in which people are trying to ease there concious as they process there former comrades in an illegitimate system. Given the fact that the system still gives nothing without resistance and those of us who have not found comfy jobs have no other way to strugglle, as well as our victorys that we won and still are winning, i think that our anaylsis past and present is correct.


The truth of the matter is that the strugglle has not gone away and being nostolgic is not enough, shit is getting real as our home are being destroyed, evictions are happening and our friends are dropping like fly from bad dope and such. Yes the struggle has not gone away, but niether did we, and as people try to placate there concious etc through diffrent sorts of philosophical and academic sumersaults we will continue to march ahead.