Feminism is for everybody except marginalized wimmin and communitys

4 Jun

For the last few weeks i have seen a sister of mine pour her heart and soul into organizing a tent city to unify the marginalized classes under attack from gentrification. This person a solid comrade and dedicated organizor who has spent countless of hours doing everything from grant proposals to sceduling to outreach, only to be undermined every step of the way. From critisim of her callout publicly to sabotage it seems that the “established legitimate” activists have decided that instead of supporting this effort, or at least moving aside and letting her carry out her work, they deemed that undermining is the way to go.

The sad thing is that many of these people are the same ones who have no problem supporting establishments that have in the past targetted poor people for social cleansing in the name of not being divisive and promoting unity. Politics it seems, even of the leftist variety must be left to the professionals who have studied the right books, have the perfect theorys and know the proper way to behave.

Tent citys and events that bring together uncontrollable rabble with there dirty clothes and vulgar behaviour is determental to building the cause of socialism. After all the masses are to be seen and not heard, and if the person who os spearheading this project is a woman souch the better as she is easier to be drowned out and ignored, undermined etc. because after all the left supports womans rights, until they bring up issues that poor and mrginalized woman face then they are to be dismissed as problematic and silenced.

Yes it ay be true that tent citys can bring about problematic behaviour, but that behaviour exists in the marginalized communitys and turning ones back on this is ignoring reality. What kind of revolution do these people want to build a safe space where everyone says the right words but goes around and does the opposite, a safe space for all but the most marginal;ized who have no way to leave there community and have to deal with this shit everyday? Undermining peoples work does not make the need for that work to go away and attacking the key organizor through underhand subversion proves the saying true….feminism is for all except when woman bring up issues that make the middleclass feel uncomfortable


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