Free The Cuban Five Free All The POWS Of The Empire

8 Jun

Today in response to a call for a mass mobilization from the Toronto Forum on Cuba people from a variety of social justice groups mobilized to demand freedom for the Cuban Five. Groups present included the Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front, The Hamilton Anti War Committee,the Juan Gualberto Gomez Association of Cubans,Red Sea of Solidarity with Cuba, Anti Colonialist Working Group and The Louis Riel Bolivarian Circle. Speakers talked about the hypocrisy of a regime arming and aiding terrorists and funding destabilization in Syria and Venezuela while arresting and imprisoning five Cuban patriots for resisting terrorist attacks on Cuba.

Those present vowed to continue the battle against Anglo-American imperialism until all of the Cuban Five are brought home and nations like Cuba, Palestine, Turtle Island and Venezuela are free to determine their own destiny free from imperialism and state sponsored terrorism.


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