Nostalgia isnt enough,,,,the struggle hasnt gone away you know

12 Jun

“Protest is when I say I don’t like this. Resistance is when I put an end to what I don’t like. Protest is when I say I refuse to go along with this anymore. Resistance is when I make sure everybody else stops going along too”-U. Mienhoff


Revision, the process of rewriting history whether it is the history of a nation or the history of a movement is a political project in which the person who is re writting history is attempting to change the collective concious of a group of people by taking events and incidents and changing them to fit there world frame view and then disseminating this view so that there narrative becomes the historical reality despite the cognative dissonance between there world view and the phenomena in and of itself.

The flip side of the coin and just a powerful is nostalgia in the sense of looking back at past events and ones participation in said event in a romantic light glorifying the past yet at the same time implementing a historical analysis which takes said events out of the historical framework and pretending that said events ended with ones particpation in those events.

Within the last few months there has been quite a bit of nostalgia around the glorious past of the movement in KW particluarly around the work of the KW Youth Collective and later (although those dripping with nostalgia would like to forget) The KW Spot Collective. This nostogia not only takes this work out of its historical context by pretending that the work is over and has stopped, but actually fails to recognise the mistakes of the past by erasing them in a flood of romanticism turning in there minds at least what is a mass strugglle among the unemployed and marginalized based on militancy, direct action, revolutionary analysis and praxis and dare I say it, Marxism- Leninism into a reformist politically correct golden era which was a precusor to the current social work or other position these people have inside the system which is now “the current and correct way of struggle”.


Problems of the past are forgotten not to make the movement look better but rather to create the picture that what we did back then was good and what is going on today is bad and horrible and criminal. One particular aspact of our work that is convieniantly forgotten is the use of force both correctly and incorrectly and the central role it played (and still plays) in our outlook. This is key for those who look to the glorious past to forget the present, since the existance of force both legitimate and illegitimate has no room in there memorys. For if they acknowledged this then there would be severe contradictions between there past view on this point and there present condemnation of us who still hold those principles as hooligans and thugs.

Another part of nostalgia is admitting and looking back to the past and saying that was then and this is now eg. it was good the work we did back then and important but now is a new day we must change and evolve. This is not necessarily said in these words but rather through action eg. while looking to the glorious past and being all nostolgic rejecting and dismmissing the tactics and ideologies held back then in the present framework.

Looking at all this I feel that for the most part i have nothing to say to these people for the phenomena speaks for itself and peoples memorys are not so maleable that they can be changed by money or other such things.

The phenomena is that in the late 90’s till then mid 2000’s we were a bunch of fucked up kids who looked around and saw that society was fucked and wanted to do something not in the sense of making a diffrence or anything liberal like that but recognized that it must be torn down and something new created.We did this by anaylsing our material conditions and seeing that there was no place for us in the present framework and as such the framework must be destroyed and a new one that reflects our realty must be put in its place. Our free food programs drop in centre literacy programs etc. etc. was not charity in the sense that we wanted to “do something good” but rather it was one prong in our strategy to reject the old society and create the new. We were not intellectuals who had the right words nor were we the perfect saints tokenized and idealized as the proletariate by those who read about marxism in some book. We were (and are) the rabble hated by intellectuals, petty bourgoise students and the academic left, denounced attacked and criminalzied based on our existance our tactics were based on our material conditions to find solutions to the problems that we are facing and we continue to use these and other tactics, because it is clear to us that no one other then us will take up the work to find solutions to the problems that we face.


To those who look to the past and deny the present i ask, have the material conditions that gave rise to our work changed or gotten better? If one looks around from unemployment, the the growing lack of housing to austerity, to drug od’s, the heroine epedemice etc. etc. it is clear that not only have the material conditions not changed but rather they have gotten worst. The crisis in capitalism has tightened the screws and we are the ones getting fucked. As such the struggle has not gone away but rather intensified and any attempt to pretend that the material conditions necessitate another form of struggle, other then intensification mean either that our past analyisis was incorrect or that this is some sort of way in which people are trying to ease there concious as they process there former comrades in an illegitimate system. Given the fact that the system still gives nothing without resistance and those of us who have not found comfy jobs have no other way to strugglle, as well as our victorys that we won and still are winning, i think that our anaylsis past and present is correct.


The truth of the matter is that the strugglle has not gone away and being nostolgic is not enough, shit is getting real as our home are being destroyed, evictions are happening and our friends are dropping like fly from bad dope and such. Yes the struggle has not gone away, but niether did we, and as people try to placate there concious etc through diffrent sorts of philosophical and academic sumersaults we will continue to march ahead.




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