Now that this electorate sham is over, let us continue our work and be political

14 Jun

The elections are over and once again we are told to go back to our proper place and be complaisant sheep. We are told that our role in politics is over, that we went and put an x on our ballot, and the politicians now have a mandate to screw us over while we remain docile and do nothing.

Despite the fact that almost half of the people did not vote due to their disgust at the backstabbing, opportunism, corruption and general lack of principle from the establishment, the media and the forces of the bourgoise are either promoting the idea of deep defeatism and fear mongering that austerity is going to be implemented and there is nothing that can be done, or the idea that austerity now has a mandate and to oppose this is to somehow be undemocratic and ignore the vote of 15% of the electorate whose voice is a mandate for all the peoples of this territory.

We must reject this and intensify our political work to create the alternative based on principle and real politics. eg. creating the space where the people can analyze their problems discuss and come up with solutions. In practicle terms this means rejecting the idea that our role in politics is over and through mobilizing our community’s coming up with solutions.

The elections are over, but our work is not, let us continue to be political and create the alternative

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