My speech to be read at todays anti gentrification tent city march

16 Jun

Comrades and friends

Today we come together to launch our tent city and gentrification march. This protest was organized not to sit and complain about the problems we are facing but rather to unify all those who under attack by the gentrifiers, capitalists and those who are imposing austerity on us and resist. Our tent city is not simply a protest but rather an action where we ourselves identify the problems that we are facing and create solutions. What are the problems we are facing? I dont think i need to tell you that our community’s are being destroyed to build houses for the rich, nor do i need to tell you that city money that should be helping the people is going to subsidize these monstrosity’s to appease yuppie fucks, nor do i need to tell you about the cuts that are being imposed on us by the new liberal government. You already know all of this, you deal with this everyday as it becomes harder and harder to find a place to live and jobs are becoming more and more scarce and welfare is barely enough to pay rent, much less to buy groceries. This is the reality, the capitalists class is attacking us from all sides destroying our homes community’s and livelyhoods.

While this is going on we are diverted from our true method of struggle by elections and other such garbage where the rich tell us to choose do we wants cute to health care or housing or social services, which is no diffrent then being asked to vote weather we choose to get shot in the arm or the leg and with this sham election ending we are told that the Liberals now have a mandate to impose there austerity agenda on us even though only 15% of the electorate voted for them.We are now told we must be passive and accept this while evictions increase, the homeless population, made up of 50% injured workers increases and the heroine epidemic is intensifying with people dropping like flys.

Our solution is not to wait another four years to elect another government that will do the same nor is it to grovel to the gentrifiers and there yuppie friends but rather to intensify our strugglle in the streets. today we remember the june 15th uprising against Harris and look to that as our method of resistance, direct action, economic disruption, mobilizing our community’s and resisting. This tent city is the continuation of the campaighn against the gentrifiers and there capitalist collaborators who seek to attack us from all sides. Our strategy is the same strategy that we used against milloy et al around the cuts to community start up, special diets and other measures of austerity, occupation economic disruption and intensifying our struggle forcing them to recognize that it will be impossible for them to implement there agenda without repercussions. Today we march and take over the park, tomorrow we take back our citys. the gentrification of downtown Kitchener will not happened without repercussions, we will not sit idely by and let them destroy our community, nor will the implementation of austerity happenned without resistance. We will fight these gentrifiers, capitalists and there cronies and we will win!!!!

Victory belongs to the people!!!!


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