Thoughts on the visit of Mariela Castro Espin

24 Jun

The Cuban Revolution is alive and well despite attacks and slanders from pseudo leftists media and naysayers, and is marching forward to create a truly socialist society based on equality and an end to domination of human over human. This is the message I got from the talk that Mariela Castro Espin gave the other night at the Steelworkers hall in Toronto.

Mariela, Cuban Parlimentarian, Revolutionary and LGBTI activist discussed the issues facing queers in the world and the struggle in Cuba for equality and justice. Speaking to a crowd of about 200 people she did not mince words discussing homophobia globally, in the left, and the need for rectification of society is to move forward toward true justice and equality.

Although she was open admitting the mistakes that Cuba has made, she was not shy in describing the advancements of the Cuban Revolution in combatting Homophobia, nor the struggle that Cuban revolutionary queers have taken on to get there.

Listening to her speak about the struggle of queer youth in a socialist context, and the need to continue this struggle so that a society can be created where all forms of domination are abolished, it is quite clear that a revolutionary process does not end with the seizure of power, but rather intensifies as the struggle against the old is waged and a new society is brought forth. Her vigour, energy and passion against any form of injustice made it clear to all listening that Cuba is not only in the forefront of LGBTQI struggles, but still actively waging a struggle to build socialism and creating a society where all are free and equal.


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