Report on KW Demonstration in Solidarity with Gaza

12 Jul

On July 11th over 200 people gathered at Waterloo Town Square to take a stand against the illegal and criminal genocide being carried out against the people of Gaza. The demonstration organized by Students For Palestinian Rights, was part of the international outcry manifesting itself through demonstrations around the world denouncing the mass bombing of the Palestinian people and the media silence accompanying it.

The demonstration started with a speaker denouncing the state terror unleashed against the Palestinian people and the lack of response from the international community. This was followed by the reading of a statement in support of the people of Gaza from the 32 County Sovereignty Movement in Ireland. Demonstrators then marched to the office of Conservative member of parliament Peter Braid where people chanted and called on the Canadian state to stop there support for the unlawful acts of the Israeli Government. Marchers then marched down King St. through the city chanting.

The demonstration then marched by Waterloo Town Square where the organizer of a music festival taking place there invited the protestors to join them and congratulated them for taking a stand. She then stated the importance of supporting people under attack by colonialism and asked for a moment of silence for the people of Gaza. Those in attendance respected the wish of the organizer of the music festival.

This act of support was very beautiful and demonstrated to those in attendance the support from the community for this just cause, as well as the love that ordinary people have for those who are facing extermination for simply defending there right to exist as a nation.

The demonstration ended with closing remarks denouncing the violent nature of the occupation and Israeli aggression. Those interested in supporting this cause on Facebook should like the SFPR page and find ways to get involved. What is happening to the Palestinian people is not just a “muslim” issue but an issue for all people who believe in justice and human rights.

One Response to “Report on KW Demonstration in Solidarity with Gaza”

  1. Stan Squires July 12, 2014 at 11:11 pm #

    I am fro Vancouver,canada and I just came from a rally here in Vancouver in support of the People of Gaza.The speakers at the rally condemned the Canadian gov. for its support of Israel.We marched through downtown Vancouver and spoke out on the brutal attack by Israel on Gaza with the complicity of the Canadian gov.Its good that people in many parts of the world held rallies in support of Gaza.This needs to continue so that the people in Gaza knows that the majority of people in the world supports them.

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