32CSM Speech read at Hugo Chavez and Simon Bolivar’s birthday in Toronto

26 Jul

Despite the state illegally blocking our comrades attendance in KKKanada, the speaking tour is going well. At the event for Hugo Chavez and Simon Bolivars Birthday the following speech by Peter Fitzsimons was read. This was followed by the presenting of the Irish flag to the Venezuelan Consulate on behalf of the 32’s. The speech was very well received as was the unity of anti imperialists.

Friends and comrades, the 32 County Sovereignty Movement send you our revolutionary and fraternal greetings, as we meet here today in Canada.

We salute the ongoing work that you are engaged in, here in Canada, and we recognise the ongoing struggle against American Imperialism that the Venezuelan people are engaged in.

Due to the global recession the American Government no longer has the economic power that it once had, and they are now building en-mass, American friendly armed forces around the world, or as they would prefer to call them, “protest movements”.

The reasons behind these “protest movements” are clear, and that reason is simply put, for the overthrow of democratically elected governments.

In Venezuela, the Bolivarian Government has made important gains, in healthcare, poverty reduction, literacy and education. However the American Government would have us believe that these gains are not the way forward for the Venezuelan people and the American backed anti-government protestors represent the majority of the Venezuelan people.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement encourage you to continue to resist the Imperialist hands of America and to continue the work of Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Government.

In occupied Ireland the 32 County Sovereignty Movement are engaged in challenging the violation of Irish Sovereignty.

On the 7th of December 1997, the 32 County Sovereignty Movement was formed, after senior members of Sinn Féin left the party due to the ever increasing signs that there would be no lasting peace in Ireland under the leadership of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness.

Under the Sinn Féin leadership, Irish Republicanism was slowly creeping towards a complete sell out of Irish National Sovereignty. In the run up to the Good Friday Agreement, the British Government had laid down a number of pre-conditions for a lasting peace in Ireland. One of these pre-conditions was a British Sovereign claim to 6 of Irelands 32 counties.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement lodged a legal challenge at the United Nations, challenging the legality of the Good Friday Agreement. Like the Venezuelan people, we also believe in self determination and self governance.

In our UN Submission we clearly outlined under International law, that the Government of Great Britain has been in breach of the following UN Covenants:

1: The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

2: The International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights.

3: The United Nations Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples.

4: Declaration on Principles of International Law Concerning Friendly Relations and Co-Operation among States in Accordance with the Charter of the United Nations.

The response from the British and American Governments was to have the 32 County Sovereignty Movement declared as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation, therefore ensuring the 32 County Sovereignty Movement could not revisit the United Nations headquarters in New York.

Moving to declare us as a F.T.O only gave light to right minded people that our position on Irish National Sovereignty was a correct one.

The present situation in Ireland relating to the violation of Irish Sovereignty has not changed since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

Britain still refuses to recognise Ireland’s right to National Sovereignty. Through Britain’s colonial policy within the occupied territory, there has been deep division fostered between the Nationalist, Republican, Unionist and Loyalist Communities.

These divisions only serve one purpose, and that purpose further strengthens Britain’s hold over six of our thirty two counties

Armed actions and armed British incursions by the PSNI and British secret service within Ireland still takes place. We in the 32 County Sovereignty Movement are highlighting these actions, however the media within Ireland turn a blind eye.

In recent times Internment has returned to the Occupied Six Counties. Irish Republicans are being arrested by British security forces and sent to prison without charge or trial, for a period of two or more years, before being released without any explanation being given.

While it is important to highlight on-going injustices and the violation of our Sovereignty, the 32 County Sovereignty Movement is busy in engaging with our communities on a local issues, such as anti-social behaviour, housing issues, and drink and drug awareness.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement have being studying a community council model to further our vision as to how community councils can be established, within the community, powered by the people for the people and free from interference from the establishment.

To run in tandem with the community council model, in 2013, we drafted our drugs policy document ‘Addressing the Drugs Crisis’, which is a radical approach to the drug crisis in Ireland. We have taken example from the Portuguese model on dealing with drugs and associated problems that come from the sale, supply and use of illicit drugs.

Irish Republicans take a zero policy approach towards the sale and supply of illicit drugs. However we have recognised, that through helping those who find themselves addicted to drugs, we can severely damage the profit that drug dealers are making, and therefore reducing the sale and supply of illicit drugs within our communities.

Irish Republicans, can learn a lot from Venezuelan leaders such as Simon Bolivar and Hugo Chavez. Like Hugo Chavez, Irish Republicans feel the pain of our brothers and sisters in Palestine. We recognise the ongoing plight of the Palestinian people as they are attacked by Zionist Israel, we feel the pain that innocent men, women and children are suffering at the hands of the Zionist Israeli state, and we salute the people of Palestine, for their bravery, their courage and their on-going resilience.

Just like Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela the 32 County Sovereignty Movement believes in giving power to our people. We believe in distributing the wealth of the nation equally amongst the citizens of our nation.

The violation of Irish National Sovereignty by the partitioning of Ireland is by default, a violation of the individual Sovereignty of citizens. Partition is an imposed restriction on the national and social development of the Irish people by a foreign parliament. The violation of Irish Sovereignty is an inalienable source of conflict.

All Irish citizens are sovereign, our right to self determination is a Sovereign right, the cause of conflict in Ireland is the violation of Sovereignty, and until our Sovereignty is restored then there can be no lasting peace in Ireland.


Beir Bua

Go Raibh Maith Agat


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