Resist attacks on our right to be political, message I will read at tonights 32CSM speaking tour event

28 Jul

Comrades and friends
As you all know last Wednesday, our comrades from Ireland were illegally detained and turned back at the airport due to the fact that the 32CSM is a proscribed organization in the United States. This decision was taken at a higher level for the purpose of silencing them and there message about the reality of Ireland.Despite the fact that the 32CSM is not proscribed here, US law was used and imposed on this territory to silence people and censor the political discourse. Here in so called Canada this decision has serious ramification not just for the Irish solidarity movement but for all people who call themselves political. The imposition of American law on this territory is a dangerous precedent that no only undermines so called Canadian Sovereignty, which at this point is a joke, but sets the ground work to criminalize many from those engaged in Cuban solidarity work to any who take a stand against US annexationist policy around the globe.

Since this decision has been made there have been quite a few smaller attacks on the movement and attempts by the powers that be to intimidate and sow fear among those who have supported this speaking tour in one way or another. These attacks aim to silence all who are taking a political stand on this issue and through nefarious means end the discourse.

What is the logical outcome of these two points mentioned above? What will happened if we stay silent and not challenge this? Through attacks on our right to conscious and the imposition of US law the powers that be will create a climate where we must further bow to the dictate of the US and through fear and intimidation silence all political discourse that does not appease the status quo. THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPENED. Today we are here to have the meeting that they have tried to stop because we affirm our right to be political and reject the imposition of US law around the globe. We affirm our right discuss issues and not be silenced by fear and intimidation. We stand with our Irish comrades and refuse to be intimidated or silenced. Together let us challenge these attacks and as political people let us continue with our work based on the right to be political!!!!!


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