Overview of 32CSM tour

31 Jul

Despite attempts of the state to silence the message of the 32CSM, the tour across this territory was still as success. Through the use of phone, skype and speeches, the message of Irish sovereignty and solidarity reached many receptive ears. From participation in events with our southern comrades and dignitary’s to frank and open discussions with youth in Kitchener and Toronto the issues of occupation, internment by remand and nations right to determine their own destiny were examined.

The reaction of people to the imposition of U$ law on this territory also provoked a spirit of outrage and condemnation from many individuals and collectives. The fact that the U$ terrorist list was used to stop the 32CSM members from entering the country has led to protest letters and condemnations from many sectors including the Hamilton Steelworkers local 1005, whose protest letter was read at the Kitchener event, and this issue will be tackled in the months to come.

The tour not only strengthened friendship and understanding but gave people a practical understanding of the message of the 32CSM and why the brits are so keen to silence it. Over the course of the next few months we plan to build on this and strengthen our support for a free and just 32 County Ireland


One Response to “Overview of 32CSM tour”

  1. dumitruichim August 1, 2014 at 4:32 pm #

    good work!!!!!!!

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