Latin American night on Intergration and opposing Chevron a success

13 Aug

Yesterday a group of people got together to enjoy good food and discuss the current Bolivarian project going on in the south, as well as the need to support the Ecuadorian people against the crimes of Chevron. The night started with film screenings on Hugo Chavez, which was followed by a screening of a short clip on the destruction created by Chevron in the amazon. This was followed by a brief presentation on the history of U$ exploitation of the south and resistance, from the Cuban revolution to the current integration project.

This was then juxtaposed with Chevrons campaign of destruction and resource extraction for profit particularly in Ecuador. People then participated in making a banner by stamping there hands covered in black paint, symbolic of the destruction caused by Chevron in Ecuador. The event ended with discussion of further projects to assist the Dirty Hands of Chevron Campaign here


2 Responses to “Latin American night on Intergration and opposing Chevron a success”

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