Better by you better then me….DO IT!!!!

15 Aug

its 5 am and im on my facebook bugging my cuban buddy pedro, who is trying to have breakfast with his family, i start posting judas priest music on my wall, and im joking around with Brendan, when i start getting messages about how insensative i am due to the fact that this kid james vance and his buddy had too much money and time on there hands and out of boredom tried to blow there brains out listening to this song. As i get more complains i keep making jokes about it.

I grew up inthe 80s so i remeber the trial Judas Priest VS Vance and all the time wasted and money wasted to prove there were subliminal messages such as do it on the album (i guess Priest worked for Nike or some shit) and people crying hysteria and what not, and its kinda fucked. In the east end death suicde drug ods etc are common, and i can assure you Judas Priest has nothing to do with it. As social services are cut, shelters close, factorys shutdown creating unemployment, more and more people see no reason to live, and as sad as it is there are no lawsuits against Schnieders, or the City or the system that is clearly creating the material conditions that have led to these deaths. There is no talk shows blaming the corporations for the maelstrom we find ourselves in, the PMRC is silent about these material conditions that have lead to 8 fatalities in one day in hamilton.

Yet for years all one could here is how horrible “satanic rock music is” and the shock that this could happenned, as if the life of Vance and his cohort is so sacred while all these other deaths are meaningless. After all its easier to blame a mythical figure like Satan, then actually deal with reality. Its ok turn your eyes and pretend you dont see the death and vioence in poor areas and as long as its in inner cities its all fine, but have a middlle class kid blow there brains out in a nice neighbourhood, and all of a sudden his death is so important, and it cant just be a result of his material conditions but must be the work of satan. Im kinda sick of it, even in the activist community we are told our deaths mean nothing, but people think that the suicide pact by two disturbed youth in a middle class area is so important and the psychologisy flock, as well as the religious nuts, all trying to find an explanation.

Pure fuckery death drugs and suicide are fine in the east end but when it enters suburbia then it becomes an issue. Kinda like Eminem, its ok to talk of drugs etc in inner city youth but when white america sees it entering there living roomsm then it becomes a problem. Im sure vance was not some horible person but the way in which the media and such used his death to shock white amaerica makes me realise that is economic background and wealth means that his life is worth much more then mine.

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