Msg from the family of Alan Ryan read at commemoration in Kitchener Ontario

3 Sep

A chairde

We would like to thank our friends and comrades in Canada remembering our brother, son, uncle, friend community activist and comrade Alan Ryan on his 2nd aniversary

It is an honor for us the Ryan family that you, our comrades in Canada are remembering Volunteer Alan Ryan.

As we speak now Alan is been remembered in Ireland England wales Scotland Iran america Australia Germany Cuba and of course Canada.

Alan eventually became Officer Commanding of the IRA Dublin Brigade and immediately set about making changes causing great hardship to the drug gangs.

As the communities began to take notice of the success of the inroads made by Alan the Gardai were more concerned about the increase in support for the Republican Movement and to combat this Alan’s name was to be blackened by the police and the gutter press.

The high regard in which he was held by those same communities was reflected in the huge turn out at his funeral and support given to his family when the police tried to re-route the funeral after suffering the humiliation of standing in line while the I.R.A.fired a volley of shots over his coffin in the front garden of his house to loud applause from friends and neighbors.

Alan has left a legacy to those of us who believe in freedom from British rule and the right to life for the youth of this country without let or hindrance from drug pushers or intimidation from British or free state forces

We aim to keep treading the same path as Alan and we will never bow down to neither the oppressors of our country nor the drug gangs who are inflicting so much grief in our communities. Beir bua.

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