Brian Larkin, When the Carrot is the Stick

17 Sep

Waterloo Regional Police Services has now hired Brian Larkin as Chief of police. As part of his strategy to fix the reputation of a police force smeared by allegations and convictions of drug dealing, corruption, discrimination Larkin, whom is a PR expert has started “consultations” with the public on issues affecting the community and policing.

This move has been hailed by leftys and other so called “progressive” forces as a step in the right direction and something very positive. As a expert on PR, Larkin is using all the proper buzz words and saying all the right things to give people the idea that the WRPS is moving in the right direction and things are changing.

Yet beneath this veneer, the reality is not as positive as it seems. The image that Larkin is promoting to media falls perfectly in line with the “experimental” PAVIS model of policing, based on counter insurgency, and his appointment as police chief signify s the official adoption of this type of policing in Kitchener as a permanent containment strategy for discontent.

The PAVIS model of policing, known as community policing has more to do with penetrating and infiltrating the community then actually solving any issues that the community faces. Through making police a permanent fixture in community centres, parks and other places they attempt to gather information, create a network of informers and desensceitise the community to a permanent armed state force within our community.

Consultations and such are not a vehicle for change but rather a way to legitimize the work that they are doing and a way to get people to “trust and chat up the police”. When consultations which are stacked with pro police forces dont go they way they want them to go, such as the OPIRD consultation awhile back the conerns of the people can be ignored and they, the state forces, will still carry on as usual.

Making Larkin Police Chief will not solve anything because the real issue accountability is ignored. As long as the police is not accountable to the community, where the people can hire and fire those that are suppose to serve them, nothing will change because the nature of policing has not changed. If anything it will make things worse by creating the illusion of accountability while impose their own nefarious plans.

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