All I Want For My Birthday Is Scottish Independence!!!

18 Sep

Today is an important day, not because it is my birthday, but rather because today the people of Scotland go to polls and get to express their desire for self determination and right to exist, and although I believe that self determination is an inalieanble right, that can not be bought or sold by a vote, I think that todays vote is both significant and important.

To start the so called united kingdom is not an alliance of willing partners or equals but rather a hegemonic institute that was built by force of arms and the ideology of the supremacy of the British way of life. This illegal creation of english imperialism and colonialism is responsible for colonizing the Peoples of Africa, Asia, Turtle Island and Latin America and responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions around the world.

After the victory of liberation movements throwing off the colonialist yoke around the world, this monstrosity has shifted from open genocide to covert warfare and instead of murdering in the name of British supremacy and civilization, the new words are freedom and democracy.

To the people of Scotland, who have been used as cannon fodder from Ireland to Turtle Island, this means that like whats is happening in the Occupied Six Counties, the British masters lead by Cameron et al are willing to resort to both the carrot and the stick to maintain domination. In other words, the empire will give the Scots whatever they want EXCEPT FOR THE INALIENABLE RIGHT TO DETERMINE THERE DESTINY!!!! If they dare to demand their right to exist the brits will resort to everything from blackmail to threat of civil war to maintain their domination.

A Nations right to exist is not based on its right to eat their ethnic food or speak their own language but rather on their right to determine their own destiny free from threat of violence of coercion, which is not the case with Scotland. From economic blackmail to rumourmongering the Brits are doing all they can to get a no vote to “legitimize” the colonialist status quo, and although the results of this vote will not impact the just right of the Scottish Peoples self determination which is inalienable, it will be a clear rejection of British Colonialism that even the puppet masters who allow this to go on cant deny.

A victory of the YES vote is not just a victory for the Scottish people but rather for the Peoples of the world who no longer are willing to be murdered and brutalized by the Anglo American imperialist alliance.


One Response to “All I Want For My Birthday Is Scottish Independence!!!”

  1. Alexandru Ichim September 22, 2014 at 9:47 pm #

    On your Birthday I want you to sponsor ,support a new religion :The gnostic Materialism
    You are the equivalent of Apostle Paul then.The second coming of Jesus is the coming of the working class .All Jesus follers were working class more or less skilled trades.

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