Anti Gentrification March a Success!!!VICTORY TO TENT CITY!!!!

19 Sep

on September 19th outraged members of the downtown community met at city hall to march and set up a tent city in opposition to the attacks on the downtown community by the bougie gentrifiers who are destroying our homes to build condos for the rich.

The event started with speeches condemning the attacks on social services in the downtown and the impact that it has had on peoples lives. This move on the part of the city which has directly and indirectly lead to deaths of people we know is being done to keep poor people out of the downtown core. Speeches also condemned the destruction of low income housing to build condos, as well as the fact that this winter the out of the cold program will not be fully operational which will lead to more deaths. People then spoke about friends of theirs that died from hypothermia and other preventable disease caused by lack of housing etc.

Protestors then took to the streets and marched to the school of social work which is across from affordable housing which is now shut down as a result of gentrification and speeches were given. Soon people continued to march to the condo development office where speeches were given about the need to oppose the destruction of the downtown core, and people continued to march until they reached the old courthouse where tent city was set up.

A workshop was done on know your rights and people are preparing for a BBQ that will start in 45 minutes. All are welcome to come.

tomorrow at one pm there will be a workshop on imperialism colonialism and the need to smash the state, all are welcome to that as well.


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