Despite heavy handed police intimidation, Tent City still running st Victoria Park

20 Sep

This morning at about six am police moved on the tent city set up in front of the old courthouse ready to make mass arrests on people peacefully protesting gentrification. The old courthouse which sits abandoned is provincial property and as such the land should belong to the people of the province.

With Sirens lighting up the wee hours of the morning police came with arrest transportation vehicles and gave the ultimatum to abandon the lawful and peaceful protest or face arrest refusing any negotiation. This approach was de escalated by organizers who decided that they would pack up and continue the protest at victoria park.

As a result of this unprovoked assault on our constitutional right to freedom of assembly the workshop today will be on resisting police violence.

Furthermore this move on behalf of the new head of police Larkins clearly demonstrates the truth that community policing has nothing to do with empowering the community but rather everything to do with policing and controlling the community’s just desire for social justice.

We ask people to join us in the Gazebo at victoria park on the Island and bring more tents and spend the night.

Victory Belongs To The People!!


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