with the closing of the out of the cold many will die this winter!!!!

25 Sep

As it is already known four nights out the week the out of the cold program will not function. Given the fact that last year one person died of hypothermia at mill and courtland basicly on peoples doorsteps it is quite obvious that people not having a place to go will lead to many more deaths in the city.

It is not only the homeless and poor that are concerned, police recognize that more deaths in a city plagued by drugs, violence and brutality is not a positive thing even for them.

All week I have been hearing fom social agencys, outreach workers, cops etc what are you going to do about it, as if the burden of responsibility falls on activists who can barely feed themselves as oppossed to a state full of politicians who live high on the hog.

As political people we know that the state will do nothing and it will fall on us to solve this problem but still for those who are the haves to ask the have nots to find solutions to this problem reeks or hypocracy if they care so much why do they not open up all the empty buildings that are sitting vacant, why are they cutting welfare and start up making it harder and harder for people to find a house, why are they cutting vital social programs and destroying low income housing in the downtown core?
Yes we will fight for solutions not because we have the resources but because no one else will.

To them these deaths that will come are statistics a two line article in the record to us these are our family friends and community.

Still it would be in there best interests to find a solution because every death unfortunately will further anger people showing them that the solution lies not in waiting for crumbs but taking what is ours by virtue of being human, and it pains me to say this, because to me its not an issue of building a movement on the back of the dead but rather because there is no option within the framework they present, and they only care because it will upset their image or create discontent etc.

This winter capitalism will rear its ugly head and the invisible hand will once again slice peoples throats, but we wont sit back and die quietly. If they think that words and condolences will placate us they are mistaken. We wont go gently into that good night!!!!!

So out of self interest of capitalist preservation i appeal to all those powers that be that monitor my blog find a solution, because it is not in your interest for more to die


2 Responses to “with the closing of the out of the cold many will die this winter!!!!”

  1. Terre Chartrand September 25, 2014 at 3:38 pm #

    The innate problem of charity – it relies on scant resources, taxes those who do not get paid, and ultimately fails. The state needs a long-term, supported, and permanent solution in assisting street-level and vulnerable people. Thanks for your post, Julian. My reaction isn’t negative towards the churches who have done so much with so little support, but that this condition exists for my fellows who are not getting the support that the state should provide.

  2. Michael Fox September 27, 2014 at 12:56 pm #

    How ridiculous is it, in a country with as many resources as ours, that people are condemned to die on the streets because it’s not seen as economically worthwhile to give them an hand up or an opportunity. We have engineered our society to produce extreme wealth and extreme poverty, while we attack and criminalize the poor. Shameful. I’m also bothered by the lack or empathy in the general public who are, for the most past accepting this as the way it should be.

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