Nazi Vanadalism must be opposed

26 Sep

Yesterday it was reported on CKCO that over 20 cars were vandalized by fascists puncturing tires and carving swastikas and such. Of course the police have no leads nor suspects despite the fact that events such as the Grant Bristol affair, Matt Lauder affair etc demonstrates that in many cases it is the state that organizes these groups. The vandalism was clearly an attempt to brazenly mark their newly acquired territory and flex their muscle. Given the events that have been happening over the last little bit, this act is an open provocation against all those whom they would like to see exterminated.

Upon hearing this news my initial reaction, being a bit of a hothead in regards to this issue was to do something stupid or react without giving any thought or analysis to the present material conditions. Keeping off of facebook other then saying to a few people look at this I took a walk and watched a film with some friends to relax and prepare for court today.

There is much at stake here and as history has shown over and over and over again here in Kitchener the only way to deal with the facists is to oppose, confront and not let them take root. We all remember the fire bombing of Mona Zettlars house by the HF,as well as the violence that they have perpetrated. Kyle Mcgee ex Kitchener resident is a perfect example had he not been confronted and driven out of Kitchener by the people, the firebombings, assaults targeting of activists Children etc happening in Calgary would be happening here.

Going to court this morning and saying hi to lots of lawyers social workers etc who were congratulating us on our recent work dealing with issues from poverty to addictions etc made me think. Historically when the fascists attack and come out in strength it is when there is serious political work going on, (eg 1992 the constitutional crisis, 1998-2004 the Opening of the Spot etc.) and by attacking us they are trying to undermine the work we are doing as well as as create this idea of the two extremes prop up an extreme right to justify the right wing policys of the state and dismiss progressive work as the other side of the coin. Our work over the last years has created an atmosphere where it is hard for the police to criminalize us due to the fact that our work speaks for itself, eg we are tackling the issues that no one else will and we are succesfull at doing this eg tent city etc etc

The people that the NAZIs recruit are poor marginalized people who cling on to white privilege in hopes of finding a false solution to the crisis that capitalism has put them in. Whenever in the past we have been successful at driving it out the fascists it has not just been through the use of force but rather creating an alternative eg the spot, peoples programs etc because at the end of the day the real enemy is the state and these kids that they use as pawns will be thrown away when they are no longer useful.

Our solution therefore lies in intensifying our political work, creating alternatives and intensifying the anti fa culture.

This does not mean that we should ignore them or let them have the streets rather that we should not let them succeed in diverting us from our work and create a city where fascism cant plant its roots.


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