Communes or Nothing!!!!!!Public meeting on Venezuela a success

27 Sep

Yesterday Katrina Kozarek active member of the Ataroa Socialist Commune, in Barquisimeto (Lara state), Venezuela. As well, as a long term organizer with the Nacional Association of Community, Free and Alternative Media (ANMCLA) spoke in Toronto about the current situation in Venezuela as well as the process of building socialism through the creation of communes.

Her talk, which was well attended gave a history of the Bolivarian process in Venezuela as well as the historical process that lead to the creation of the communes which was followed by a short video and questions.

Her speech was articulate factual and very passionate, and during the question period she demonstrated that she is not just some sort of functionary but honest and intelligent person who while recognizing the victory’s of Bolivarian revolution is willing to admit the problems and tackle them head on.

Comparing her talk to that of Marina Machado one sees the difference between the goals of aims of the Bolivarian revolution, and those of the opposition.
One being humanitarian compassionate and for the people, the other being cold brutal and for the elite.

I was very glad to attend and wish the people of Venezuela success in building a just socialist society based on the commune model

One Response to “Communes or Nothing!!!!!!Public meeting on Venezuela a success”

  1. Michael Fox September 27, 2014 at 7:17 pm #

    Socialism and collectivism may sound good in theory, but they won’t, and can’t work in practice, always enslaving those they promises to liberate.

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