Local community mobilize to save out of the cold!!!!

30 Sep

This Tuesday members of the community met to discuss and solve the problems faced by the closure of the out of the cold program. The meeting which was very well attended came up with a three prong approach. Known as the three P, they are Political, Publicity and Pressure. Political focuses on the municipal election and the election to raise the issues as well as to mobilize the vote for those who are taking a firm stand against poverty such as Oz Cornel. Publicity is raising the issue through blogs, radio and social media and Pressure includes protests and other tactics aimed at both short term solutions to the problem as well as long term solutions. Dates were set for protests and it was agreed that we would meet every Tuesday at 7 at the Queen St. Commons to implement our decisions all are welcome to join us.


2 Responses to “Local community mobilize to save out of the cold!!!!”

  1. Alexandru Ichim October 1, 2014 at 3:54 pm #

    Saracia este si pentru cei care lucreaza.iar cei care nu au job-uri o duc si mai rau.ca fiu de preot care o fi viziunea ta asupra credintei si religiei??Da-mi te rog emailul tau .S-ar putea sa fim rude daca parintii tai se trag din Moldova.Care e orasul,satul sau comuna de unde vin ei.

  2. Alexandru Ichim October 1, 2014 at 3:56 pm #

    Am citit scrisoarea ta catre mama ta decedata.Vreau sa cunosc mai mult despre componenta transcedentala a constiintei tale.Nu esti un muncitor si deci esti un crypto-comunist or un cvasi-comunist.

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