The Ghost Of Kelsey Felker Jackson

30 Sep

Last Friday when I went to court I found out that the scumbag that murdered Kelsey was in the same courtroom as me. Sitting with a friend of mine dealing with another matter we were shocked to find this out, especially since the peace of shit who murdered her and chopped her up into pieces throwing her torso in a dumpster is taking the matter to trial opening up old wounds and getting off on the pain he has caused this community.

The media has focused on the brutality of the crime as well as Kelseys battles with addictions and by doing so has lost sight of the bigger picture who Kelsey was and what she meant to the people in the community.

I met Kelsey almost a decade ago when she 14 or so working at the Spot drop in centre in Kitchener. Kelsey was a bright young girl who could always bring a smile to peoples faces. She was someone who cared about other people and hated to see people suffer. Her care for people could be seen from her social justice work she did with The Spot to the way that she would try to help her friends out. She was a bit of a joker and liked to gossip in a funny non hurtful way. At protests she would have a bit of a mouth and would stand up to whoever attacked or criminalized her friends. Loyalty to her friends is one of the qualitys that defined her, many of whom she considered and consider her family. Last time i saw her shortly before she was taken from her community, we split a smoke by Queen and Charles and we were talking about a variety of issues from her personal struggles to gossiping about Davin. Despite her personal struggles she was smiling laughing and very much alive.

When i found out about her brutal murder and dismemberment I was in shock, I think she was only 24 or so and despite whatever bumps she hit on the road of life had much to live for and much more to give to the community.

Her death is a tragedy that wont be easily forgotten as she has given much to the community and her friends. It is also a reminder of the brutality of a system that throws youth to the streets making them vulnerable to anti social elements like the one who took her life. She will not be forgotten and despite the attempts to paint a horrible picture of her and her life those who knew her will remember her as she was.


One Response to “The Ghost Of Kelsey Felker Jackson”

  1. Craig August 23, 2015 at 10:56 pm #

    As Kelsey’s Brother I can say that I agree with 99% of what you are saying in this article, however I did not see one word or mention of Kelsey’s loving Mother or family. The pain we have witnessed in court rooms and the pictures we have seen of her body are the most traumatizing and horrific images that could ever be bestowed upon anyone. Our Mother Barbara Jackson passed away suddenly exactly one year after Kelsey was taken from this world, Kelsey’s (Our) Mother was in the most pain I have ever seen anyone in and we believe she died of a broken heart. Our family has spent many hours in court rooms listening to Kelsey’s name and person being dragged through the mud, I have also looked deep into the eyes of the monster that allegedly did this and I can say without a doubt there is no remorse or comprehension of the horrific crime in question. The reason we have to wait to protest any laws or conduct of laws is so this monster gets his day in court and only after due processes and sentencing can we speak out against this case and the conduct of it. I thank you for writing this I just wish there was more mention of Kelsey’s Mother and family who were always there for her. Kelsey is missed every moment of every day and will never be forgotten. Thank you. Craig & Family

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