Julian Dreams of running away

3 Oct

soecial thanks to Bon Jovi

Organizing poor people can be exhausting between the anti social violence, fascist attacks, suicide attempts od’s and general lack from the commonwealth crown forces one feels attacked marginalzied and isolated. Trying to explain the level of stress this causes you to other people usually gets people to roll their eyes, or make comments like why do you care4 about these people anyways.

Trying to explain that these are the people in your communitty, people you have know since childhood causes remarks such as if only you seperated your emotions from this your life will be better.

Meanwhile in my personal life i am living literally from hand to mouth, and i always here people not engaged in the struggle pressuring you to do this or that, as if it is so simple and if onl;y i followed there advice and turned my back on my work life would be easier.

Do to the social work model, as oppossed to the community work model these people who are my friends, people i have known and have gone through hard times are just simply cases. files numbers satistics and one is not to get emotionally involved, as if they are not human beings who need a hand up, and their passing away simply is another file closed.

Many times i sitt in my room and cry for all those whom my work has saved, but more for all those whom i have failed and have relapsed. or been raped on murdered or took their own lives. Kelsey Jakson, whom I have wrote about, DJ Cameron who took his life because he got cut off welfare and was too scared and overwhelmed to ask for help, Helmut Braun who jumped off the duke street bridge due to the fact that there were no beds available, mark angel never a user whoses life ended at the point of the needle.

I dream of running away escaping going somewhere like Cuba and Venzuela leaving all this behind or anywhere, because sometimes i feel anywhere is better then here. The attacks on the out of the cold will simply intensify this as our friends and comrades will freeze to death on the street while the LRT is being pushed in and councilors make major sallarys and live in the lap of luxury.

But where can i run?Problems that I am describing effect the working class anywhere and even if i did run, the problems will still be here, due to the lack of state funded programs and assitance the problems will intensify and the political problems such as austerity neo liberalism etc etc are global problems.

The reality is that I have no where to run and if even if i could the ghosts of the victims of the war on the poor will follow me wherever i go.

So what to do? As political people We gotta hold on to what we got, our organization, our politics and our survival programs, its doesnt make a diffrence if me make it our not, we are part of something bigger a resistance movement so powerful that those in power not only consult us but recognize the political cloat we have in the community, all of us as individuals are expandable, for by oursleves we mean nothing. Despite the attacks and the so called legitimate activist who would tell us solutions that only matter is you have a house with two cars and a picket fence we march forward because we got each other and thats what matters in an movement LETS GIVE IT A SHOT!!!!!!!!

Our politics and community is our security and escapoe, through this we recognize that we will never leave anyone behind and whatever the state throughs our way we have and will find solutions, from saving the mayfair to our work around the out of the cold to our international work we have one victory over victory over victory. These cloads that are foggin our vision now will pass beacuse we are armed with our ideology and principles and as such can overcome any obstacle. AS such we will continue and intensify our work because it is the only way forward and no one else will do it for. Let the naysayers and cowards snear. armed with our principles we have proven them wrong before and we will do it again.
After all it is called struggle for a reason, and like Mao says revolution is not a dinner party, that is what we are embarking on creating a society where people dont die on the stret from cold, where pushers donr exploit young wimmin where people have the right to exist by virtue of being human. We will organize and continue to struggle, until then, final victory say we dont have a ghost of a chance thats fine

Im still living on a prayer

3 Responses to “Julian Dreams of running away”

  1. Doug October 5, 2014 at 4:42 am #

    Run Julian RUN AWAY !Go to Cuba you commie.If you bums would get jobs then things wouldn’t be so tough in Canada for you.

    • Sharon October 17, 2014 at 2:36 pm #

      Doug … the slug ! Lets hope your loved ones never fall beneath what you find socially acceptable …. Wake up and open your eyes to humanity …. or is it that people like you dont have a human bone in their bodies.

  2. Marisa October 17, 2014 at 12:45 pm #

    In the 1970’s people lived in psychiatric units with warm bed, food, medications, drug and alcohol treatment, warm bath, clean clothes and freedom to go out everyday and return at night even if drunk or using drugs. Then the government said their rights were violated and closed thousands of beds and threw the people onto the street.

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