Survey for social investigation in the needs of the community to create alternatives to the drug problem.

8 Oct

Below is a survey we are circulating as part of our social investigation in the needs of marginalized youth in the core. The information will be gathered, analyzed and then used to push for a space in the core where the needs of the people can be met. Please fill it out and email to, or drop it off to Emi at the working centre.

1. When you were a child, growing up..what were the activities or things you always liked or were interested in?
2. Which of those things/activities do you still practice?
3. What are some of the barriers that keep you from doing these activities you enjoyed as a child. Growing up?
4. Which services in regards of health, sexuality and addiction helped you the most in your experience?
5. How did that service help you and why did it work better than other services?
6. When it comes to drop in locations; what were some cool things that you found interesting or that actually got people engaged?
7. What would be some things you would like to see included/offered in a drop in centre?


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