Speech to be given at the Raise the Rates March

16 Oct

Comrades and Friends
Today we are gathering to take a stand against the attack on poor people perpetrated by the liberal government. This attack, the cuts to community start up, cutting special diets for the most vulnerable, freezing welfare and ODSP so that people can only pay rent and have nothing to live on for the rest of the month is not simply a budgetary issue but rather an attack on our right to exist. As the out of the cold program is closing and the possibility of people freezing to death this winter is a reality, these cuts intensify the attacks on people livelihoods and lives. The reality of the situation is that the state does not care if we live or die and in the wake of the death of Jeff Young on October 2nd as a result of lack of assistance to the most vulnerable it is clear to us that the state expects to silently do nothing as the drug scourge takes life after life. The level of violence from the state and anti social elements that prey and profit from our misery, landlords, drug dealers and extortionists both legal and illegal is so intense that people living under occupation are shocked at this and find it unbelievable.

Canada a country that is seen by many as a the greatest place to live is cutting money for people to move forcing wimmin to live in abusive situations and creating a climate so hostile that woman we know are forced into sex work selling there bodies the only thing that they have and are at the mercy of pimps and other peaces of shit. These cuts also create the climate where youth are forced to live with people who exploit them many seeing no way out other then drugs to bludgeon there conscious or suicide to end this miserable existence.

While we live in this hell living day to day these politicians placate us with words slogans and other such platitudes while they go home to there nice homes and only here about us on the 11 o clock news. Wynne dares call herself the social justice premier while people are drop-in like flies and foodbank use is higher then the Mike Harris days.

Given this situation it is clear to us that we have no choice but to resist. It is clear that all the politicians donțt care about us smoking us while we are in office then coming and promising us everything whenever election time roles around. Our solution lies in deepening the contradictions and intensifying our resistance.

We stand here today not to beg for more crumbs off the table but demand what is ours by virtue of being human, food clothing shelter and the right to live. We do not beg that the government sympathize with our plight, for as we all know psychopaths cant sympathize, rather we are here to demand our rights that we have by virtue of being human, we have a right to a living wage, we have a right to food we have a right not to be forced in the streets at the mercy of psychopaths who only differ from politicians by being on the so called right side of the law. We are here to say that we will not be silent and we will not go away.

As we plan to achieve the impossible we need to look back at our history here in kitchener to learn that it can be done. It was us who chased out the Nazis and there crack trade in the period from 1998-2002, it was us that saved the mayfair hotel, it was us who fought and won thousands of units of affordable housing not by begging but by fighting. The list goes on and on.

In the same manner we will intensify our peoples programs to solve the problems that the state cares nothing about, but we will also intensify our resistance on the street. If the Liberals think that by changing there face and replacing the minister of misery with some other face they have placated us they are wrong!!!!!!!!We will fight for what is ours and we will win!!!!!

Victory belongs to the people!!!


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