Down and out in Dublin and Belfast

5 Nov

So i land in Dublin after some complications and julianisms and it hits me i am in Ireland, I actually made it a comrade of mine meets me at the airport and after some coffee and some smokes we drive from the airport go to the bank and drive on up to see Dermot Ryan, brother of Alan Ryan, before we go in my friend gives me a breath mint and swears I smell like coffee and never before has he smelled someone who reeks that bad of coffee. I chew my breath mint and Dermot greets us at the door.

He makes us some more coffee (real beans not that instant stuff so famous up here) and we go out for a smoke. We start chatting about his brother and it is quite clear to me the level of devestation this family has experienced as a result of the their dedication to their principles. He has a glint in his eyes as he talks about pictures in a video of their trip to Budapest, the work Alan has done in the community opposing the drug scorch, and the support and admiration that his brother has his in the community. He shows me a drum that he made in Portlise of Che Guevara. We drive to the grave to pay our respect and we chat about the media attempting to blacken Alans name as well as the crap that they print with no proof that makes the Toronto Sun seem like legitimate journalism. The grave is well tended and it is clear that people come put flowers and look after the grave. Before we leave we visit another grave and it seems to me this cemetary, as many other cemeterys across all of Ireland is ful of those who died to break the chain of Britain, as well as a direct result of the colonialist legacy and the harm that it has caused on both side of this illegal border.

We continue to drive to various home visiting people, im looking out the window as we pass mountains, rural homes and such and we finally end up at our destination. Looking across the river as the moon is full i can see the occupied six counties, torn and amputated by the British crown and i think of this beautiful country tha has sacrificed so many of its children as a result of the illegal occupation and some fuckers sitting in a room drawing an illegal line on a map. I think of the look in Dermots eyes as he is talking about his brother and think how many others have lost loved ones family members, brothers sisters mothers and wives as an result of this colonialist project and how many more will die simply defending their right to exist.


One Response to “Down and out in Dublin and Belfast”

  1. ALEX ichim November 10, 2014 at 5:31 am #

    Klaus Johanin got the votes of the maGHIARS OF ROMANIA.iFhe gets elected he will help his supporters to separate Transilvania.But you care about the irish
    .They are one of the very few righteous ethnicity on the planet,they were screwed by the English since Cromwell who occupied by military invasion until they got independence.. But it seems that you completely forgot you are also a Romanian from Romanian parents and even coming from the same village like me your cousin.I can’t trust any communication means to explain the dealing I want from you.

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