15 Nov

Comrades and Friends

We send you revolutionary greetings at this important event and wish you success with your deliberations, we also send greetings to your leadership and prisoners as well as all locked in the belly of the beast due to their belief in an united Ireland. Here in occupied turtle island we will continue our support for your struggle despite whatever attempts the state will use to silence your msg. The attacks and criminalization of the 32CSM by the KKKanadian state which has refused entry into this territory to your members is a result of the work that has been done over the last view years and the attempts of the anglo american alliance to stop the creation of dialogue and discussion among all those fighting colonialism and supporting a united Ireland. Despite this your msg still got out to various fighting forces and those representing country’s such as the Venezuelan like the consul who refused to be intimidated by the slander that you are terrorist demanding that the tri color be flown at the event and that the 32CSM msg take the place it rightfully belongs front and centre.

As a result of the fallout many so called republican who sing up the ra in bars and such have become silent and have disappeared, which in many ways is a strength not a weakness, for better they leave now then at a crucial moment, yet our friends the steelworkers who built this city to those struggling against colonialism on turtle island and abroad have rallied and closed ranks.

Over the next year we will intensify this work, restructure and re organize and create a mass organization unifying all that can be unified against colonialism. We will further strengthen our friendship and support with the 32CSM and hold high that flag in defense of the nation.

Victory Belongs to the people!!!!!!


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