Statement from Katrina Kozarek from the Ataroa Socialist Commune in Venezuela at the 32CSM Ard Fhies

15 Nov

In sight of the unfortunate situation that has not allowed for a more profound form of communication we send saludos and solidarity from the Venezuela Bolivariana from our trenches where we are battling and organizing day by day to build the communal state that forms an integral part of the Venezuelan model of Socialism, socialism of the 21st century. Currently, we are in an offensive against the economic sabotage created by Transnational Corporations and the Venezuelan elite that has threatened to destabilize the national economy and social structure for the last using the same tactics as used in the Coup d tat Chile in 1973, with corporate hoarding and speculation of basic food, medicine and toiletry products among other strategies. From the popular power together with the revolutionary government we are working actively to create networks of production and distribution in hands of the organized communities as our only guarantee of creating a truly sovereign economy liberated from the interests of the national bourgeoisie, transnational corporations and imperialist powers. This has been a difficult struggle over the last few years that, even though it has not been an open combat, has cost the lives of many comrades, most recently the violent assassination of young national assembly deputy, and representative of the PSUV, Robert Serra by paramilitaries under the mandate and financing of Alvaro Uribe and the United States government, but others, campesinos, workers, indigenous and comrades have lost their lives, fighting to defend and deepen the venezuelan revolutionary process. In front of all odds, coup d tat, guarimbas, oil strikes, economic sabotage, even after the devastating loss of Cmte Chávez, the people have not stopped organizing their territories, taking over factories, building community media networks for a future where private media doesn´t exist, joining together with social movements from all of the Patria Grande to create a new political hegemony based on sovereignty, social and economic equality and international solidarity. We hope to continue expanding that unity with all countries and people that are struggling actively against imperialism and global capitalism.


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