Statement from the Hugo Chavez Peoples Defence Front at the 32CSM Ard Fhies

15 Nov

To The Members and Friends of The 32CSM

Greetings in struggle to you and the Irish People resisting Colonialist rule.We From The HCPDF stand with you in Solidarity as well as with your people fighting for self determination.The Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front condemns the attempts of the canadian government to silence your message while at the same time welcome with open arms those who seek to attack and destabilze the bolivarian revolution simply because the venezuelan people have chosen to determine their own destiny. Like your struggle to build a society free from British domination we too seek to build a society based on self determination, freedom and social justice where all the children of Latin America can have a future and a homeland to call their own free from US intervention and their puppets who seek to promote violence for the sake of making venezuela a playground for the yankee interests. Over the next year we seek to strenghthen ties between our organizations and continue to build mutual aid and solidarity.

Long Live The Bolivarian Revolutiom
Long Live Maduro
Long Live a Free and United Ireland

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